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limit my search to /r/2007scapeuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. Not necessarily reasons we agree with every time, but some of them are legit. So we really prefer to consult the community on this one.

We not started work on the trade solution. (We doing the Wilderness.) What likely happen first is that we run a survey asking what sort of trade solution people would like. How strongly do people like the player to player personal nature of trading? Do people want trading to be possible while logged out like the GE does? Then we try to design something, along with our engine team, that can tick the boxes.

We not decided anything about the 2nd creature yet. Current thinking is that it not have a unique drop which we have to poll anyway but will offer higher XP per hour.

We see that a lot. We currently a bit hampered for making fancy new emotes, which such capes ought to have, so we might need to wait until we have an artist who can do the job properly.

Hello OSRS team, and here are my three questions I would like to ask you. Is it possible to fix the spawn rates on resources, monsters and so on, so that the world population does not affect the spawn rate of said features?

It is possible to fix the spawn rates, but the question you have to ask yourself is does the community really want this and is it a priority for the community.

What are your opinions on AutoHotkey (AHK) and MouseKeys (MK)? I heard that if you use AHK in the same way MK works, then AHK is still considered legal as MK is allowed. Is this the case or is any use whatsoever of AHK restricted? If you are considering new rewards to be implemented that can be bought with Marks of Grace, what rewards will you consider implementing? New Agility shortcuts? Recolouring of Graceful? Option to Imbue? etc.

The best advice I can give about AHK and mousekeys is not to do anything differently than you have been doing. Our approach to it hasn changed. However, if we talk about the details of AHK the less than reputable players will look for loopholes in order to macro and that why we are always very vague about it.

Are autotypers allowed? What about macros on a gaming keyboard used for typing when selling? It seems everyone uses them and it impossible to keep up without them.

Runescape Dungeoneering

Runescape Dungeoneering

The interface that you see upon reaching the end of a Dungeoneering floor, or the “WINterface”, contains a lot of useful information. It is important for any effective dungeoneer to understand each factor that goes into determining the final experience and token reward. This article will shed some light on the many different quantities present in the WINterface, and give a basic understanding of what each one does. Base XP: The base XP is the average of the “floor XP” and the “Prestige XP”. If you redo a floor, you will get a 0 in prestige XP, significantly reducing your base XP. The base XP is the main factor in determining your total XP. It is affected by what floor has been completed, the size of the floor, and the number of rooms left unopened.

Dungeon Size Modifier: Depending on the size of dungeon that was completed (small, medium, or large), there will be a bonus. A small dungeon will never receive an experience bonus, but medium and large will contribute a bonus to the overall multiplier of up to 19%.

Bonus Rooms: The bonus room percentage can range from a 0% bonus to a 13% bonus, and varies based on the number of bonus rooms that have been opened. A bonus room is considered to be any room that is not on the critical path, in other words, a room that “branches off” and does not play a role in getting to the boss room.

Difficulty: The difficulty multiplier is affected by the number of players participating to the number of players the dungeon is geared for. When a dungeon is geared for more players, it means that the monsters will be tougher, and the puzzle rooms will require more people to complete them. 5:5 is the greatest difficulty available, and awards the greatest bonus to the total multiplier.

Level Mod: The level mod is solely affected by the number of monsters that have not been killed. It can range anywhere from 20% (all monsters left alive) to +10% (nearly no monsters left alive). Unopened rooms with potential monsters in them are not taken into effect when calculating the level mod. The bonus percentage is added to the total multiplier.

Complexity: The complexity of a floor varies from complexity 1 6. On complexity 1, there will be a 50% multiplier, and on complexity 6, there is a 0% multiplier. Complexity six should be the only one that you train on. It is impossible to get a positive multiplier from complexity, only a penalty if you choose a lower complexity than complexity six.

Guide Mode: Guide mode shows the critical path in a dungeon. It is recommended to be used for beginners only, but is on by default on dungeons of complexity 1 5. Just like complexity, this multiplier can only be negative when guide mode is on, and will never be positive.

Deaths: This multiplier takes into account the number of deaths that you have tallied in the dungeon. If there are no deaths, the multiplier is 0%. For the first death, the multiplier will be approximately 13%. Every death after that affects the penalty to a greater degree.

Total Modifier: The total multiplier is the result of all the multipliers added together. Occasionally, there is an error of 1% due to rounding. The total multiplier can range from less than 25% to greater than 150%, depending on all the other multipliers.

Total XP/Tokens: The total experience for the floor is displayed at the bottom of the WINterface. It is the product of the base XP affected by the total modifier. Tokens are granted in a 1:10 ratio with experience, so when a greater amount of experience is gained, more tokens will be gained.

Ready Buttons: The ready buttons are located at the top right corner of the WINterface. There is one for each player in the party, numbered 1 5. if you are second on the list of players in the party, then your button is number 2). If every player presses the ready button, the thirty second waiting period on the ending screen is skipped and the next dungeon starts right away. The ready buttons may also be used to leave a dungeon when the floor is complete, and take the player back to the surface.

Titles: Titles have no standing on the experience received for a floor, but they add a little “fun” to the dungeon. They are listed on the right hand side of the WINterface, and each player receives at least one title. Many players get multiple titles some are good, some are bad, and some are neutral, but they have no effect on the experience earned for the dungeon. Some titles are awarded on extremely rare occasions, such as the title “One hit Wonder” which can only be achieved by destroying every monster in the dungeon (with the exception of the boss) in one crushing blow.

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