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Then Zhang Zhonglin came to Yao fifa coins for sale home, Yao Zhongwu said nothing, put down the hands of the car began to live, the temperature close to 30 degrees below zero on that day, fifa coins for sale hands rub a rub, has been busy to live at 10 o’clock, the car repaired. The villagers Xiao Bao Jun spent 8000 yuan to buy 1 sets of new YAMAHA motorcycle, April 5, 2014 day fifa coins for sale large garage were blown down, the front face of the motorcycle smashed, to the maintenance department can not repair, to the sales madden coins cheap to buy 800 yuan, I fifa coins for sale him to need to change the shell. So he try holding the psychological, the motorcycle smashed onto the Yao Zhongwu home repair. After an hour, the motorcycle shell fifa coins for sale, not look carefully do not see shell broken. As the starting TCL and Internet enterprise cooperation madden mobile coins buy, but this time in cooperation with Li Dongsheng from the fifa coins for sale Jia Yueting music as replaced by Tencent Ma Huateng.