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Although at the end of May is a hacker pretending to speak fifa 18 coins that member, but the Gulf countries do not believe it. Reported that U.S. intelligence officials last week was informed that fifa 18 coins latest data show that in May 23rd the United Arab Emirates senior officials have discussed the hacker attack, just is there a day before the word wig. > quoted Washington Post U.S. fifa 18 coins said the UAE madden coins is still uncertain to launch the attack, or pay for UAE ambassador Yousef hacker.Al-Otaiba has denied the allegations, he said in a fifa 18 coins that Qatar is the initiator of evil, assistance, support and help of extremist organizations such as Taliban, Hamas, but also incite violence, encourage people to radicalization, fifa 18 coins neighboring countries. According to reports, the U.S. State Department declined to comment on this news, before the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation reports and fifa 18 coins joint investigation of hacking news. Britain foiled five planned terrorist attacks in the past few months, some attacks launched before “a few minutes” by the police buy madden mobile coins frustration.