The Best Way to Get Gold Charms on Runescape

The Best Way to Get Gold Charms on Runescape

When you’re a new member in RuneScape, the best way to get gold charms is to kill goblins in Lumbridge. When your combat level increases to 15 or greater, go to the mine in Al Kharid and kill scorpions.

Pass down a ladder south of Taverley to enter the city’s dungeon. Get gold charms by fighting the giant bats in the large room near the Cauldron of Thunder. However, until you achieve a higher combat level, don’t venture past the northern section of the dungeon.

You can get gold charms by killing black bears, which frequent the area southeast of Varrock. You can also find black bears east of Ardougne. Black unicorns which are east of Rellekka, which is north of Ardougne, also drop gold charms.

Higher level monsters in RuneScape do not necessarily drop more gold charms than lower level monsters. However, they can help you to increase your combat level further. Many high level monsters drop items which are extremely valuable on the RuneScape Grand Exchange in southeast Varrock. Thus, as your combat level increases, it makes sense to get your gold charms from monsters that are closer to your own level.

When your combat level is 40 or greater, begin to kill moss giants in the Varrock sewers or in the Wilderness. In addition to gold charms, moss giants also drop valuable runes, gems, seeds, weapons and shields. You can also get gold charms from the deadly red spiders in the sewers. Keep in mind that the Varrock sewers are a multicombat area, which means that multiple monsters can attack you at once. You can also join with other players to fight a single monster. In most other parts of RuneScape this is not the case. As your combat level reaches 50, you may travel to the dungeon beneath Port Sarim to kill ice giants and ice warriors.

Before you go out to fight high level monsters, equip yourself with quality armor such as mithril, adamant or rune and get a high level weapon such as a mithril, adamant or rune longsword or scimitar. Take along plenty of food to renew your hitpoints.

RuneScape F2P Fishing Equipment Guide

RuneScape F2P Fishing Equipment Guide

Fishing is one of the oldest and most useful skills in RuneScape. Available to Members in entirety, F2P players can engage in most of the fishing skill in a more limited form. All forms of F2P fishing require the use of a specific net or rod for certain types of fish. Some methods require using specific bait. Players often find confusing what fishing supplies to use for a specific catch. Here is a breakdown of the supplies needed to catch specific fish. But first, lets look at the two places to buy the supplies. Gerrunt’s Fishy Business fishing shop is the only fishing supply store available to F2P players. Gerrunt’s shop is located in Port Sarim. Port Sarim is south of Falador, east of Rimmington, and southwest of Draynor Village.

The Grand Exchange is located northwest of the center of Varrock, west of Varrock Castle. Since its introduction in December 2007, the Grand Exchange has become the central trading spot in RuneScape.

RuneScape Fishing Level 1, Crayfish: Catch crayfish with a crayfish cage. Buy crayfish cages from Gerrunt’s Fishy Business fish shop in Port Sarim for 20 RuneScape Gold or on the Grand Exchange in Varrock. There is a chance of finding a crayfish cage being sold in the General Store but this is unlikely. If the player has no crayfish cage in inventory or bank, a free crayfish cage can be obtained by speaking to the Fishing Tutor. He is found in the swamp south of Lumbridge, at the fishing spot.

RuneScape Fishing Level 1, Small Net: Catch shrimp and anchovies with a small net at a net/bait spot. Buy small nets from Gerrunt’s fish shop for 40 RuneScape gold or on the Grand Exchange for 50 RuneScape gold. Small nets respawn along the coast by the fishing tutor. Players sometimes drop them at the bank while cleaning up bank junk.

RuneScape Fishing Level 5, Fishing Rod and Bait: Catch sardines, herring, and pike using a fishing rod and bait. Every catch uses up one bait. Purchase fishing rods at Gerrunt’s fish shop for 5 RuneScape gold or on the Grand Exchange. Fishing Bait can be bought at Gerrunt’s shop for three RuneScape Gold each. Fishing bait is a monster drop sometimes dropped by zombies and men/women. Fishing bait sells on the grand exchange for 2 3 RuneScape gold each and by leaving the offer overnight, players often are able to buy the bait for 2 RuneScape gold each.

RuneScape Fishing Level 20, Lure Fly Fishing: Use a fly fishing rod and feathers to catch trout and salmon. Buy fly fishing rods at Gerrunt’s fish store for 5 RuneScape gold or buy on the Grand Exchange. Obtain feathers by killing chickens or buy feathers from Gerrunt’s shop for 6 RuneScape gold each. Shantay of Shantay Pass and the fancy dress shop owner in Varrock, although accessible by F2P players, only trade with members and sell feathers to members. Or buy feathers on the Grand Exchange for 5 7 RuneScape Gold each. Put the offer in the previous night for 5 RuneScape gold per feather to maximize your chances of getting a good deal.

RuneScape Fishing Level 35, Harpoon: Catch tuna and swordfish with a harpoon. Harpoons are available for purchase for 45 RuneScape Gold from Gerrunt’s fish shop and can be purchased on the Grand Exchange.

RuneScape Fishing level 40, Lobster Pot: Catch lobsters with a lobster pot. Purchase lobster pots in Gerrunt’s fish store for 20 RuneScape gold or buy on the Grand Exchange. Use lobster pots and harpoons at cage/harpoon fishing spots.

So that is the list of all the F2P RuneScape fishing equipment, the places to obtain the equipment, and what you use the equipment for.

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