A Beginner’s Guide to Runescape Part 1

A Beginner’s Guide to Runescape Part 1

Runescape is a complex game with many components and features, all of which can be overwhelming at first. To help people with this problem I have created a guide to teach players the basic concepts in runescape. You should go through the tutorial at the beginning of the game to learn how to move and how to interact with items. In this guide, I will explain what all the different panels do in order of left to right. The panel buttons are found at the bottom right of the screen. Each panel allows you to see and do things related to you character.

The panel furthest to the left is the combat panel this panel allows you to chose how you attack an opponent if you are using ranger or melee. When your cursor goes over the different icons a small window pops up first explaining the kind of attack (if melee) then the skills trained by attacking in the way depicted (for both melee and ranged). If the window has “shared xp” it means that attack, strength and defense are trained at the same time at a rate 1/3 the usual speed.

The next panel is the task panel. This window gives you the 6 closest tasks you can do in your area. If you put you cursor over one of the 6 boxes there is a small window pops up telling you what the task is called and what you have to do. At the bottom of the task panel there is a button with “open task list” on it. Clicking this shows you all the tasks in the game. There are rewards for completing tasks that depend on their difficulty. There are also rewards for completing all the tasks in a particular area. The areas are dictated in the top left icon in the all task panel. Clicking on these different areas shows you the tasks available in those areas. If you ever find the game boring you should start to try to complete tasks.

The third panel to the left is the skill panel. This panel shows all your levels for all the different skills in runescape. By putting you cursor over an icon in the skill panel you can see the name of that skill and the experience you currently have in that skill (experience is what determines you level). You can also see the experience required to get the next level and how much more experience you need to reach that. By clicking on one of the icons, you will see information regarding that skill. All skills start at level 1 and most of them max out at level 99 the one exemption to this rule is dungeoneering which has a max level of 120. Some skills are restricted to members only and all skills require membership to get full features. Training skills can save lots of money and at the higher levels time as well. It should be noted that the only way to make a profit from training most skills is to obtain the raw materials yourself. If you were smithing for example, it would be a good idea to mine the ore rather than to buy it.

The next panel over from the skill panel is the quest panel, this panel shows all the quests in runescape. Completed quests are in green, ones that have been started but not completed yellow and quests that have not been started are red. By clicking on the “filter” button on the top right corner of the panel, you can toggle weather you will see quests that you can’t start. By clicking on the “hide done” button you toggle weather or not you will see completed quests in the quest panel. If you click on a quest, you will see the quest journal. This shows you the next step in completing the quest. If the quest has not been started, you will see the requirements for starting the quest as well as whom you must talk to start it. Quests can be a fun diversion to normal game play, they also have excellent rewards for completion that can prove most convenient.

The 5th panel is you inventory, it shows all of the stuff you have on you at any particular time. By right clicking on an item you can chose how to interact with it. It is recommended that you do not have all of your possessions in you inventory because you lose all but the 3 most valuable if you die. Your extra possessions can be put in you bank. The bank appears on the map as a money symbol.

The next panel is the worn equipment panel; it shows all the equipment that you are wearing on the various parts of you body. If you click on any of the equipment shown on the panel, you remove it. There are 3 icons at the bottom of the panel. Going from left to right they are: the “equipment stats” icon, the “price checker” and the “items kept on death”. If you click the first of these icons you can see statistics effecting how well you perform in combat that are a result of the items you are wearing. First, you see the extra effectiveness of various forms of attack. Remember in the first panel the different choices for how to attack. Then you see your resistance to different attacks. At the bottom of the window you see your strength, ranged strength, prayer and magic bonuses. These are fairly self explanatory other than that strength only affects melee and ranged strength only affects range weapons. Price checker opens a window that allows you to view the market price of any item you click on in you inventory. The market price is the standard price for an item when trading between players. The last icon on the worn equipment panel is the “items kept on death” icon. If you click this icon shows you what items you would keep on death and how much wealth you are risking.

The 7th panel is the prayer panel. This panel displays the prayers available to you based on you prayer level. You level up in prayer by burying bones. It is recommended to start training prayer as early as possible because prayer is the longest skill to train (you need to bury over 2.6 million bones to reach level 99). As you use prayers, your prayer depletes. To restore it you pray at an altar. Prayer can give you a handful of advantages in combat that can sway the tide of a battle. To see the advantages of any particular prayer you can put your cursor over it. Generally, the bigger the effect of the prayer the faster your prayer will deplete. However, because of it’s depleting nature a player must carefully select the prayers that they wish to use.

The next panel is your spell book. Your spell book shows a large variety of spells that you can use. You unlock spells by leveling up your magic skill. Spells cost runes to cast. Spells that are available to you are shown in color while spells that aren’t are grayscale. Putting your cursor over a spell icon shows you the requirements to cast it. At the bottom of the magic panel, various icons toggle the visibility of different spells. At the bottom right there is the “toggle defensive casting” icon this toggles whether you automatically use magic in combat. If you click on a spell then click on an opponent you will use that spell on him.

The panel beside the spell book is blank. This panel gets an icon on it when a special item is in your in your inventory or is equipped.

The 10th panel is the friends panel. This panel shows all of your friends in runescape and if they are online or offline and what world that they are on. To add and remove friends click on their corresponding icons at the bottom of the page then type in your friends username. You can PM friends by right clicking on their username in the list then left clicking the “message” button.

The 11th panel is the “ignore panel”, this panel shows a list of all the people you are ignoring. A player in this list will not have their messages shown in chat. You add and delete players buy clicking on the respective icons at the bottom of the page then typing in their username.

The next panel is the clan chat panel. From here you can see all of the people who are in the clan you are in. You can join a clan chat by clicking “join chat” at the bottom of the panel then typing in the clan owner’s name. You leave a clan by clicking the “leave chat” icon where the “join chat” icon used to be. You can also make your own clan buy clicking the “clan setup” icon just right of the “join chat” icon. To change people’s rank you right click on the rank beside their username then select the desired rank.

The 13th panel is the options panel, this panel allows you to toggle various settings. Buy putting your cursor over an icon, you see what it will toggle in a small box around the icon. The next panel is the emote panel, this let’s you do various actions called emotes. Unlocked emotes appear in color while locked emotes are black and white. Emotes are unlocked by completing various quests in game. The following panel is the music panel. This panel contains all the music found in the game. You can select music to play by clicking it. Unlocked music is green while locked music is red. You unlock music by going to different places. The final panel is the notes panel. Here you can add and remove notes. To add a note you click the add note icon at the top left of the panel then type in your note. You can delete a not by clicking it then pressing the delete button.

You have now learned all there is to learn about panels in runescape. Be sure to check out some of my other runescape guides when they come out. And good luck in runescape. Also, I would appreciate any comments regarding this guide so long as they can prove beneficial to my writing.

Jagex Moderator Mod Lyon Comments on Automatic Mutes That Will Be Handed Out In Runescape

Jagex Moderator Mod Lyon Comments on Automatic Mutes That Will Be Handed Out In Runescape

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limit my search to /r/runescapeuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details.

My friend and I great each other with “hey cunt”, “hey twat”. This is our thing and how we talk. It not an offensive thing. It not a “fuck the system thing”. It a close friendship thing.

So basically, Jagex thinks that conversations such as this, between two consenting players, in a private chat (PM, FC, or CC) is wrong?

I wasn aware that this is what was ruining the game. Not the MASS BOTTING/GOLDFARMING. Not the LURING/SCAMMING that goes on constantly. This is what is bad for RuneScape.

This is disgusting, honestly. I completely fine with muting people automatically for advertising things that honestly are ruining the game, but auto muting me for calling my best friend a (censoring because of reasons) after he calls me a (reasons)? The fuck.

Believe it or not, there are adults who play this game too. Adults who aren cry baby bitches. Hell, 90% of the top page players banter like this. My entire group of friends in my home world at GE are like this.

The offensive language thing should end at this: Turn the filter on if you a bitch and wanna cry about words that honestly don mean anything. If you have the filter off, you in no position to complain.

Mute people who say things that are “majorly offensive”. This is an obvious list. Also, people who avoid the censor. ONLY IF REPORTED.

I getting tired of this. If they dare mute me for a private message sent to someone who not only didn report me, but didn give two shits about what I said and also replied with something worse.

I won do a thing because Jagex doesn care about someone who plays this game seriously. They only care about the kids on sites like this who play 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. They made that perfectly clear.

I am having an internal conflict going on inside trying to figure out just why the fuck they would give us the option to filter. It also frustrating how vague they make out the line we have to cross between “not TOO offensive” and “SERIOUSLY OFFENSIVE!”

As for reviewing what ChatWatch catches quickly, I can say that I am still waiting after an entire month to have my appeal reviewed for a 3 day mute. so I am going to go ahead and say bullshit. It also a load how they brush off the problems of tripping innocent players as if they are aware about it AND not interested in actually improving it to pick them back up.

And this “1 rule” crap is it 1 priority or just the first rule listed? And does the latter give it any more relevance to this topic?