Some tips of Final Fantasy XIV


1, press esc- key bits set in almost all of the buttons can be changed.

2, A and D default to turn left and turn right, after you hold down the right into a left-right panning.

3, in Final Fantasy XIV pan around the default shortcut is Q and E, if not used, can be changed to A and D in key bits set in.

4.The manufacturing professional trainer next NPC sell unique material to be professional, often because only this one point of sale, resulting in the same bulletin board material prices doubled.


1, click on the screen right of the taskbar yellow letters is to open the task log, click on the blue word map is open track mission objectives.

2, the task has been completed the log list, you can view the task of the story, if you forget to do what the main task, the task of finalizing the place to go to see.

3, some tasks require action on the target using emotion or skill, at right note facie did not respond when the mission statement.

4. Get props to reach achievements both needs to Tucson Old Town NPC (10, 6) receive at dialogue.

5. Chocobo can rise to 10 in total, all the points are added to obtain the upgrade at the same career and reaches 10, it will give the profession a special chocobo armor.

Third of FF14 Gil

1, press M or click the upper right corner of the map to open the map menu guide.

2, you can drag the map bottom right corner of the window to resize the window, use the scroll wheel to zoom map scale, press the left or right drag to pan the map.

3, need people personally explored the area map will show FF14 Gilfor sale at

4. Bonus random copy of the corresponding profession, after entering once every copy will change.

5. The guild reached a certain level of experience to upgrade, but by using guild experience BUFF consumption even more and will not downgrade.

RuneScape guide to Lost Her Marbles caper

RuneScape guide to Lost Her Marbles caper

After completion of From Tiny Acorns caper, the second caper, Lost Her Marbles can be completed and must be to access A Guild of Our Own, the third caper. Losing her marbles consists of obtaining flaming fragments that have been gathered up all around RuneScape. In other words, it means a lot of pickpocketing. Level 41 thieving is required.

Start by pickpocketing each type of NPC; a message pops up in the chatbox each time a fragment is obtained. Once six fragments are obtained, no message is given and no more fragments can be gained.

RuneScape players only need to obtain 32 of the possible 42 fragments, and which ones obtained doesn matter. RuneScape players can bypass Rogues entirely. Note that on the sixth type of NPC, two fragments will be obtained quickly but no message will come up saying that no more are needed. Many RuneScape players were seen the first day futilely pickpocketing guards in Varrock hoping for a third fragment they didn need.

Upon obtaining 32 fragments, return to Darren in the Thieves guild and hand him eight fragments at a time. Then talk to Robin each time to obtain items and 1,200 thieving experience for each eight fragments.

Upon return of all 32 fragments, RuneScape players are rewarded with an additional 5,000 thieving experience as well as better loot stolen from low level NPC This will cause a major seed price crash on the grand exchange nobody will see coming. Access to more of the Thieves guild is granted, including the store where a few lockpicks and blackjacks can be bought from.

Do No Evil RuneScape quest chimp ice delivery

Do No Evil RuneScape quest chimp ice delivery

RuneScape players doing Do No Evil RuneScape quest guide part three who have taken the chimp ice to Ape Atoll from Nardah (balloon method guide) who reach the Ape Atoll checkpoint have no time to breathe easy. For the journey just became harder. See Do No Evil RuneScape quest guides main hub page for portals to important Do No Evil RuneScape quest guides. If starting, go to Do No Evil RuneScape quest guide part one.

RuneScape players resuming from Lumbo need to bring food, M’Speak Amulet, antipoison, ice spell runes for ice burst or higher, a gorilla greegree, another weapon, and be alert. This Do No Evil RuneScape quest sub guide is based upon my experience and uses the jail.

This Do No Evil RuneScape quest now comes with an attached slideshow. See Delivering Chimp Ice from Lumbo’s boat to King Awowogie Slideshow for detailed pictures.

Upon arrival on the island, equip the gorilla greegree and run west. Keep an eye on the yellow dots on the minimap and know your safe spots. Not all NPC’s show as yellow dots! There is no waiting for the second warning on Ape Atoll, at the first warning the RuneScape player has to act fast. RuneScape players only able to cast ice burst will have to stop every 15 seconds.

Upon receiving the warning, make fast for a safe spot, wield the weapon to unequip the greegree without opening equipment tab, place the chimp ice, open the magic tab, cast ice spell, switch back to inventory, and equip the greegree before being attacked. If attacked, cast the ice spell, run to safety or whack the attacker fast, re equip the greegree, and drink antipoison if needed.

When in sight of the gates, freeze the chimp ice while out of range of the archers. Pray protect from ranged in human form and rush the gates to end up in the jail.

In the jail cell, wait until the guard passes the door into the room to the left, and quickly freeze the chip ice. Pick the lock in human form and equip the greegree. If casting ice blitz or ice barrage, split hard for the east side of king Awowogei’s house. This means running hard southeast. If using ice burst, run east to northeast for the tall grass and go around the east of the large building.

Freeze the chip ice one last time, then quickly equip the greegree and speak to the elder guard. Rush through the chat interface to get in and speak with Awowogei to deliver the chimp ice and rid oneself of the tension