Runescape is Back

Runescape is Back

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard commented: “We have the most incredible community of gamers and we wanted to demonstrate how much we value them by handing this game changing decision over to them. I firmly believe that the Wilderness represents the ultimate risk versus reward experience in any MMO and the incredible support for the campaign demonstrates that our players agree. It has been fantastic to watch the community mobilise in support of the update and we can now introduce these features certain in the knowledge that they are what our community want.” Once thie votes were tallied and over 90% of players voted the free trade and wilderness back resulting in over 200,000 loyal players came back to their old accounts and countless new accounts were created. The game was immensely popular in 2004 through 2006. It has died in popularity significantly after that time however the new graphics, features, and old features brought back has made the game appealing to the youth today.

The game as it was during the height of its popularity was mainly played by children in grades 4 6 now as the game suddenly started booming again older kids began playing in middle and highschool. Also the graphics improved significantly there has been 3 new graphics enignes released since the original game and there are all sorts of patches. From theese features the game runs, looks, and feels more realistic.

The wilderness and free trade brought jagex a challenge. Once they were gotten rid of the likeness of the game went down. In order to get theese two things back in they held a vote amongst the players. However this was years after they did away with the wilderness and free trade. In short terms the wilderness is the only place in the game where you can go to battle other players one on one. The wilderness allows players to duel, have clan wars, and have multiple fights to win money and respect. The free trade is where players can sell their wares that they craft, build, steal, win in fights etc. to a large database of items where they will recieve payment in gp, or game money. No longer do players need to go to individual shops to sell their wares.

As you can see the return of the unrestricted/ free trade and the ability to have an all out brawl for the respect and gear of your enemy in the wilderness have brought runescape popularity, and so many loyal and wonderful fans that it has had before only now the numbers are greater. The new features such as largely improved graphics and physics including various patches, updates and new exciting quests and skills have all added to the new likeness that runescape is gaining in children of various age groups.

How to Survive Long Hours in the Car with Pre Teens or Older KidsI realized that older kids like mine need to stay occupied in the car as well. Unfortunately, most people think they need to head out to a local craft show or flea market to sell their wares.

RuneScape Kitskie

RuneScape Kitskie

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limit my search to /r/longlostgamersuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. Jagex have completely sold out by now (51% of it is owned by an American investment company, so pretty much the antichrist for us Redditors); basically every update in the last year have been aimed at squeezing every last penny from the players. Microtransactions are in abundance, the updates are targeted towards a younger audience, completely shitting on the long term playerbase. They trying to get little kiddies addicted to it by adding useless graphical items and features such as the colorfull “Squeel Wheel” which basically allows you to buy Exp in the game for irl money.

I just managed to quit this summer after a long addiction (been playing since with exception of a 2 year break after free trade was removed). I realised sometime this summer what a crappy game it had become and how I was wasting my time, but I couldn just quit it, it was harder to quit for me than the time I gave up a 10 a day nicotineaddiction cold turkey. Now, 5 months later, I just two days ago discontinued my final membership account, and I can say I finally feel free of it. I also believe I matured enough to know what in my best interest the next time I feel the urge to pick up the game again. It has really been a destructive part of my life for almost half of my childhood, it has caused me to neglect friends, caused me to hate my parents at times and contributed to the lack of motivation I felt to improve my real life throghout primary and highschool.

So, as a guy who virtually has beaten this game, take my advice and back the fuck off. Especially if you prone to spend unreasonable amounts of time on MMO and such, this game exploits the powerfull force of simulated wealth and false sense of achievment. It is pixelated heroin basically.

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