RuneScape Money Making

RuneScape Money Making

This guide includes many different strategies to become extremely rich in RuneScape. These strategies deal with the mining and smithing skills in RuneScape. They work extremely well and you could be well on your way to purchasing a rare party hat. With some dedication, you can become the richest player in the game. First of all, you need to show your commitment. If you are really dedicated to getting money, then you will. If not, then don’t even try. Money doesn’t come free and you have to earn it. However, this guide will make earning your money easier.

Mining and smithing are good moneymakers for low leveled players. Start off by mining copper and tin. Keep these ores, then head to a furnace to smelt them into bronze bars. Furnaces for F2P (free to play) players are at Falador, Lumbridge, and at Al Kharid. Make sure that you have exactly the same amount of copper as you have tin. You can then sell these bars at the Grand Exchange, or smelt them into weapons or armor at the anvils in Varrock. Once you get 15 mining, then grab a pickaxe and head to the Varrock west mine. There are a few iron rocks sitting there (their vein is brownish red). Mine the iron ore. Once you get a full inventory of these, head up to the Varrock west bank. You will maximize your profits if you can able to run for longer periods of time. This can only be affected by the agility skill (only for paying members). Keep doing this and you will get money and great experience in the mining skill.

Once you bank your ores, repeat this and go mine more. When you hit 1000 ores or more, you should sell them at either the Grand Exchange or in the bank. Shout out, “Selling iron ores 100gp each! Username here!” By selling 1000 iron ores, you will get approximately 100k! That’s 100,000gp! Keep doing this over and over and before you know it, you’ll have all the partyhats and rares.

However, you can also go further with your mining and smithing skills. This requires much more time and effort, but gives you much more money. Coal is a good moneymaker for higher leveled miners. It is suggested that you mine iron ores until you are 60 mining. At 60 mining, you can enter the Mining Guild in Falador. The Mining Guild has 37 coal rocks and 5 mithril rocks. If you can enter the guild, then you are able to mine both coal and mithril ore. Coal sells for about 190gp and mithril ore sells for about 250gp. That’s much more then iron!

At level 70, you will also be able to mine adamant ore. Each adamant ore sells for approximately 1000gp. That’s great money! At 85 mining, you will also be able to mine runite ore, which sells for about 12,000gp! However, getting 85 mining requires much effort and time. But you can do it if you try! At higher levels, you will be able to mine much faster. At level 99, you will be able to buy the Mining Cape of Achievement, which comes with it’s nifty emote, that can only be done by players with 99 mining. Same goes for smithing. These two skill capes are some of the rarest in the game. With some effort, they can both be yours!

Enjoy being rich!

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Where Can I Mine Copper Tin in Runescape

Where Can I Mine Copper Tin in Runescape

Training the Mining skill in the online role playing game “RuneScape” requires you to mine rocks with a pickaxe and receive ore that is used to train the Smithing skill. Several mining sites are located throughout Gielinor, some available to all players and some available to member players only. When you begin training the Mining skill, you are able to mine only low level ores, including copper and tin. Several mining sites contain both ores but also contain monsters that can make training the skill risky.

The Al Kharid mining site is available to free and member players. The site is located north of Al Kharid and northwest of the Duel Arena. The Al Kharid mining site contains three copper and one tin rocks, but also contains several scorpion monsters. If your combat level is less than 29, the scorpions will attack you automatically while you are mining rocks. The nearest bank to the Al Kharid mining site is in central Al Kharid. North of the bank is a furnace, which enables you to use the bank and smelt the ore into bars in one step.

The Dwarven Mine is available to free and member players. The mine is located underground, beneath Falador and Ice Mountain. The main entrance to the Dwarven Mine is in a small house south of Ice Mountain, but players with Level 60 Mining can enter the mine through the Mining Guild in Falador. The mine contains 11 copper rocks and 10 tin rocks, although some rocks are located in the Mining Guild portion of the mine. The southern portion of the mine contains several scorpion and king scorpion monsters, which will attack you automatically if your combat level is less than 65. The closest bank to the Dwarven Mine is in Falador for free players and in the Living Rock Caverns for member players.

The Edgeville Dungeon mine is located in the center of the Edgeville dungeon and is available to free and member players. The dungeon contains several monsters, including hobgoblins, skeletons and hill giants. You can enter the Edgeville Dungeon in Edgeville but the Varrock entrance is closer to the mine. To enter the Varrock entrance, you must have a brass key, which you can obtain inside the mine or through the Grand Exchange. The mine contains two copper rocks and two tin rocks and is relatively close to the Edgeville Bank and Varrock West Bank.

The Desert Mining Camp is available to member players who have completed the Tourist Trap quest. The mine is located south of Al Kharid in the Kharidan Desert. Although there are two mines in the Desert Mining Camp, only the surface mine contains copper rocks. There are four copper and four tin ores available on the surface for players to mine. The mine does not contain a bank, nor does it have a bank or furnace nearby, so mining ore in this location is not practical for players who save the ore for Smithing.