Runescape 2007 OldScape Combat Leveling up Guide and Tips for Where to START

Runescape 2007 OldScape Combat Leveling up Guide and Tips for Where to START

IntroIn this guide I will talk about where you should start as far as your combat goes in order to make money, and level up the combat stats. My method combines two things, leveling up and making money. When I first played runescape I was only looking to level up and try to make money, and did not have much success of combining the two. But now that I have gone through the ropes and have started to do this again, I have a few suggestions.

This is not going to be a guide from 1 99 combat stats, but will focus on more where to start out, how to level high enough to fight more powerful creatures, and make more money. So with all that being said lets get this started. The trick is chickens. Go to fallador, and head south east, and down through the south gate near the farming patch. There is a chicken coop in there, and this is a great way to go through the first bunch of levels. Not to mention you will get a handful of feathers for each chicken in which you can sell for decent money.

So for level 1 people! When you are level 1 across the board, or level 1 in any combat stat you need to be careful, even the people men and women can easily kill you outside lumbridge in the spawn off of tutorial island. So the best place is to head to the chicken coop I was talking about above. You should spend your time here, and you will gain decent xp for being a level 1, and this will be effective for you and make you money. Keep in mind you will be able to sell your feathers for decent money on the forums, and after a while not only does this build up your money, but will help build up those stats. So for your start I would say stick to these until you hit at least level 10 across the board in the combat stats. I would even go higher than this because the chickens are easy to kill, and provide easy money to be made. When I am going for chickens I even bring my arrow shafts I made from getting my woodcutting and fletching up to make more profits by adding the arrows to shafts as I kill chickens.

Okay, so if you get sick of chickens then head on to really any of the towns and kill the men and women. While this is still low level combat, use these to get to a decently high level.

Once you have the courage then head on over to Barbarian village and fight barbarians. These are level 10, and have okay drops. They will get you to a high enough level if fight them long enough to boost you to around 20 30’s in each stat. If you want to go further you can and you can get rare drops like shield halfs, but as said this is rare. so use this for as long as you find you need it.

When you are going for combat the biggest thing is getting to a high enough level to fight Chaos Druids in Edgeville dungeon. These drop herbs, and will make you a LOT of money, and will help you get your combat stats up. You can make a lot of money per trip, and banking these herbs will help you in the future as well. This is a great way to get combat up over time, but you want to have a good defense stat, and attack and strength since these are level 44. Once the level these are one of the best monsters to kill that are not powerful, but drop great items.

Quests and SlayerRemember that there are a lot of quests out there that will help you get your stats up, and take full advantage of these. Not to mention that some quests will unlock certain weapons for you to use like the dragon scimitar. You want to pay attention to these quests as they will allow you to get much further in the game, and help you get to where you want to be.

Combat in the beginning can be tough but once you get to around 50 combat it gets fairly easy from there. You will be making money, and having no problems. Another important thing is to use Slayer once you get to the right level. Slayer will not only unlock special monsters for you to fight that drop better items, BUT will also allow you to boost your combat level while getting your slayer skill up. Slayer is hard to level up, but if you are focusing on combat while doing slayer, then you will have no problem getting the two up.

Remember if you are going to fight monsters that are out of your level then you need to prepare with enough food, maybe prayer and prayer potions, and need to focus on being prepared for the fight. Fighting monsters out of your league will mean you will spend more money on the front end to pay for your efforts. I only suggest this method when going to fight things like Bronze dragons and extremely high level monsters as these have much better drops. But if you are simply going to fight something a few levels higher that does not have great drops then just be careful, and maybe fight something a little less powerful.

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SummaryAs I say in my guides brace yourself, and don’t break your bank early on. Fight things that will be easy for you to kill, and that you will not have to focus very hard on. On top of that have fun with The old Runescape, that is why they put this back in. They want you to have fun with it, so focus on that and don’t stress too hard about RS and just remember that over time you will build your stats.

Also feel free to comment below with your monsters you think you should fight and IF I agree I may edit you in there. Also feel free to chat about whether you like Oldscape, what you want to see updated, and so on.