Booker: We are still concerned about ranking? That’s the high school thing

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had announced a hundred star rankings, the sun defender Devin – Booker ranked 64th. Booker today also posted his own views on the rankings, he wrote: “We are also concerned about the ranking? I think it’s high school. “Bullock regular season last season played 35.0 minutes, can get 22.1 points 3.2 rebounds and 3.4 assists. Westbrook’s wife walks with his son in New York
NBA NEWS Thunder guard Russell – Westbrook’s wife today in the social media released a photo with his son in New York shopping (see news map). Westbrook last season regular season play 34.6 minutes, get 31.6 points 10.7 rebounds 10.4 assists and 1.7 steals. Gobel: iPhone9 will be able to connect with your DNA _NBA News
NBA NEWS Beijing time this morning Apple held a new conference, released the latest iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Jazz player Rudy Gobel wrote on Twitter: The iPhone 9 will be able to connect to your DNA (and vice versa you can disassociate). “Goebel played 33.9 minutes last season, can get 14.0 points 12.8 rebounds and 1.2 assists 2.64 blocks. Little Larry – Nance to his girlfriend wearing an engagement ring _NBA News
NBA NEWS today Lakers player Larry – Nance in Instagram on the sun and his girlfriend Hailey Pince photo, the picture can see Nancy girlfriend’s ring worn on the left ring finger. “I love her, I wear a ring for her.” “small South last season averaged 22.9 minutes to play, get 7.1 points and 5.9 rebounds and 1.5 assists. CJ-McCormum: We need to start ranking for journalists
NBA NEWS today pioneer star CJ-McCollum updated his personal Twitter account, he wrote: “We need to start for these weaker burst of journalists ranked, but also describe their strengths, weaknesses And fabricated & rsquo; news person & rsquo; ability. “And then the famous NBA reporter David Aldridge replied to the Twitter and wrote:” Serious question: why you and other people who play in the league care that you do not know or do not respect the journalists do not make sense Ranking “This, Mokolum replied:” This will not change how I feed my family, but that’s the principle. ” I think if the role of transfer, you will understand. I laugh every year. David Aldridge then replied: “First, this will not affect the seriousness of the awareness of NBA players. Second, the last two summer rankings did not make people start on the impact of “rsc”; the bottom line & rsquo; quarrel. “In this regard, McCormum wrote:” I do not care about my ranking lol. ” I represent a lot of other seriously underrated players. I have worked for the Caspian University, I should not even stand in the present height. David Aldridge replied: “But, CJ, all of you know who can play, who can not play.” This is my point of view. You are a professional player. Why care about layman’s point of view? “McCromum replied:” Some people will be more inclined to use the public to judge you, you know me more than most people, so you know I will not do not worry about this. ” “Then Macollam once again updated his personal Twitter account, he wrote:” I think it would be interesting to give journalists a ranking. ” I am sure some people will not care, but tell the truth I think many players will enjoy this ranking. “2016-17 season regular season, McCormum averaged 35.0 minutes to play, get 23.0 points and 3.6 rebounds and 3.6 assists. Mackey: Hoodie Anthony top three, how can he not enter the top 50? _NBA
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