A Million a Day on Runescape

A Million a Day on Runescape

Getting a million GP in Runescape in a day is back breaking, eye popping, finger cramping and boring. There is no way where you can earn 1M in less than a few hours, even a highly advanced merchant can find themselves still in a rutt now because of the stupid new trading rule. But despite this ruined game, these are some ways I got rich. Bear with me, this is made for characters that are low in level in any stats. Non

Feathers, wasn’t this fun. This was a pretty easy task, easiest in the Champions guild because,

Mining Copper and Tin. OK, not the best way to gain a fortune, probably gains less than 100 GP a set, but, if you feel like mining, this is the way to go; the later levels will pay off. You may want to save these to make bronze arrows if you ever become a member.

Woodcutting. I prefer this to the previous suggestions because,

A) It’s easy

B) It’s easy to level

C) Good profit made

So, if you’re not too fond of the other two non member suggestions, this is the way to go. Picking flax, this is one of the best money making ways to get heaps of money a day. You aren’t guaranteed 1M a day, but if you work hard on it, you will. Pick Flax in Seers and bank them. You may want to take it to the next level and get 10 Crafting and turn your Flax into Bow strings. You can get around 100GP for each Flax/Bow String.

Fletching, making Bronze arrows is a good way to earn some money. Not a lot, but at least you don’t waste your low level resources you gained from mining + smithing and wood cutting.

So really, there is no guaranteed way to earn a million a day. Well, not in Runescape anyway. If you keep at it, and devote your time to the task, you will certain earn at least 500K a day, which in a week, you will have 3.5Mil. So remember, there is no guaranteed method of gaining a million a day, but really, it is possible.

How to Get 1 Million GP in RuneScape

How to Get 1 Million GP in RuneScape

The RuneScape MMORPG has many skills and many quests for you to master, and also offers both a free and paid version of the game. Regardless of how you direct and build your character, there is one goal that every player shares: getting 1 million GP. Money is a huge thing in RuneScape. It’s needed for items, armor, weapons, quest items and so many other things. While getting 1 million GP won’t be fast, there are plenty of ways to get it. You can start by getting “Giant’s Big Bones.” These are gotten either through killing Giants, who are tough, or buying the bones. Killing the Giants will require you to level up your character, but the item would be free. Buying the item gives you less profit room, but is much easier.

If buying, get the bones for 250GP and then sell it for 350GP or higher. Since this item sells quickly, you can make a large profit if you do this continuously.

“Nature Runes” is another item that many players profit from. If your mining skills are high, you can mine this item yourself. However, the alternative is buying this from players. If you can’t mine them, or just don’t care to, buy this for 300GP, as Nature Runes sell usually for 350GP. If you do this exclusively, it would take about 20,000 runes, but since this item is so popular that is actually a realistic goal.

Leveling up the “Woodcutting” skill to 60 and cutting down yew trees will make money. Each log sells for 250GP, but these generally don’t sell unless you have a lot of them. Empty out your item slots and get about 1,000 logs before selling them.

The “Unidentified Herb” is another item that is a popular seller, but unlike the other ones you will need a good amount of GP to profit from this. If you buy in bulk, most players will sell this to you for 500GP to 1,000GP, but at auction these sell for 2,000GP each. If you have the money, this item will get you 1 million GP quicker than any other method.

1 million GP in RuneScape is a very doable goal, but only if you put in the time and have some market savvy about you. I have had years of printing and writing experience, and love both of these worlds. View profile

Runescape Hot and Cold Game

Runescape Hot and Cold Game

Well, since the removal of dice Runescape players have been finding new was to gamble and get money fast.

Hot and cold is as you’ve probably guessed, a gambling game (for members only, sorry f2p!) The “host” takes mithril seeds (obtainable in the legends guild after completing the Water Fall quest) and asks the other person who wants to play “hot or cold”

The host plants a mithril seed and if its a hot color (red, orange or yellow you might remember from elementary art class) and the player picks hot then the player gets however much he/she gambled for. Its best to start out at a low number of GP suck as 100k (k represents thousand GP). If the player guesses hot but the flower blooms and its a cold color (blue, purple, or a purple/ blue mix) then the host wins the money.

There are possible exceptions such as if a white or black flower (rare but possible) blooms then nothing happens and you just plant another seed. If the flower blooms and its red, yellow and blue mix then the host wins because the odds are always better for the host or they wouldn’t make the bet. Tip: when in doubt the odds are better for the hot flowers! Good luck!