FIFA 16 Companion App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Keep the world of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team close at hand with the EA Sports FIFA 16 Companion App. Now you can manage your Ultimate Team any time, anywhere.

The EA Sports Football Club Companion App, for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices lets you access your Football Club Friends List to send messages, and stay up to date on your EAS FC News and Alerts. You can also access the FUT Transfer

Market, manage your FUT squad, and purchase packs from the store anywhere your mobile device has an internet connection. With this app you can manage the FUT 16 squad that you have in your PS3, XBox 360, PS4, XBox One or PC.

Get connected to the official EA Sports Football Club Companion App for FIFA 16. As you make your run for international glory, access your Football Club News, Alerts and Friends. With the companion app, you’ll never miss an important message from your friends, FUT Transfer or Pack Sale. Keep the world of EA Sports Football Club with you, at home or on the go.

This app requires you to have an Origin account connected to FIFA 16 (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 or PC)cheap fifa 16 coins

There are many people that makes confusion between EA Sports FIFA (aka FIFA 16 Mobile) and FIFA 16 Companion App. The first one allows you to play the game itself. You don’t need to have a console’s account to play it. The second one is like an Web App for mobile devices. It is an application that gives you the change to manage your console’s squad in your mobile device.
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Revealing the Group from the Week Kit for FIFA 16 Ultimate Group

It truly is usual to visualize the skilled clubs how they alter the design and style of their kits before the starting on the impending season. Some is usually to acquire the experiment of new colour plans that function as their new away or third kit. In other circumstances, the clubs would involve together with the gambles and offer you the diverse considerations upon their home shirt together with the diverse fashions. In FIFA 16 Ultimate Group, there is the introduction of new kits for using by the group from the Week squad in single player. The gamers can find out fut coins on the web when FIFA 16 becomes reside. Coins assist them procure the most effective offered players like the legends as well as the footballers of today in the transfer market.


The person behind the latest kits seems as Emilio Sansolini. Because of the inspiring designs, EA Sports FIFA team moves to him as he can accept the order of designing the kits for FIFA 16. As a devotee of EA Sports FIFA, he took the alternative to handle. There’s the introduction of new TOTW residence kit integrating two quite delicate shades of black. The yellow color highlights the cuff of the sleeve, shorts opening and v-neck. Inside the meantime, the concentration on the TOTW away kit appears as one far more multiple-circle pattern about the chest. Producing on that, it also characterizes black and yellow stripped cuffs and quick opening. There is certainly the topping off having a hardback neckline. Designing the kits of goalkeeper, the collection of Emilio on TOTW goes for the real-world style of figuring out the keeper standing out probably the most upon the pitch. The initial kit of goalkeeper is pink using a wave pattern all by way of. Even though considering the secondary kit, it truly is turquoise whilst characterizing a polygonal pattern. As FIFA 16 as well as FIFA 16 Ultimate Group is arriving in the finish of this month, the games can take preparation to buy fut coins in the skilled on-line gaming home, because the coin will be the only kit to act effectively inside the gameplay of FUT 16.


Your fut coins are essential as they make the gamer play the game constantly. The coins also make the gamer acquire the player that you just prefer to append to your team. As a result of the value from the cash, it’s important which you need to obtain so far you’ll be able to handle. A single in the ideal approaches of gathering huge coins would be to purchase inexpensive fut coins and sell them in greater expense. FUT Draft seems in FIFA 16. It is a brand new strategy to play FIFA Ultimate Team. This new mode would be to judge the team constructing capabilities of the gamer as you choose the top match for every position from a five player drawing. It truly is to draft a squad and confront the challengers inside a series maximally for four matches to overcome huge prizes for the club of the gamer. It truly is to begin the FUT Draft by picking in the five diverse formations. As a gamer, you must pick sensibly.

FUT 15 Android&IOS Issues

EA SPORTS released the third patch for Cheapest FIFA 15 Coins fixing the issues occurred in different consoles. As for the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app, last month, it is the connection problems and server issues. Though updates were released, it didn’t work well. The FUT 15 app for mobile appears to be causing a fair bit of frustration for users.

Another complained, “That’s it. Everything’s just messed up. The update, account security management, advisors. Just plain eff’ed up. What a let down.” One reader says, “Since getting the update, the game sudders for two seconds and crashes immediately, this takes place after pressing tap to continue.”

We’d like to say these are isolated incidents but the truth is that there are many comments similar to those above, and many players are fed up with server and connection problems, even the random error messages. However, it seems not every use of the app is suffering from those problems. But for those who do, that could be frustrating. Are you having the same problems with the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app? We should ask another FUT update.