RuneScape adds untradable Dragon Crossbow with EOC update

RuneScape adds untradable Dragon Crossbow with EOC update

RuneScape has released dragon crossbow to the game. Dragon crossbow snuck in with the November 20th, 2012 evolution of combat update, but many RuneScape players noticed that it was added to the game.

Starting November 20th, 2012, a magic stock was added to the fletching options for magic logs. Requiring level 92 to fletch, making magic stocks grants 100 fletching experience. The stock high alches for 300, making it unprofitable compared to unstrung shortbows and longbows.

Dragon crossbow limbs can also be bought on the grand exchange, at 10m coins. These are reportedly dropped by tormented demons. When used with a magic stock, it makes a dragon c’bow (unf.) Dragon crossbow unfinished is available on the grand exchange for 32,000 coins, but expect it to actually trade for much higher. Level 94 fletching is required to do this.

Adding a crossbow string to the dragon crossbow unfinished gives the RuneScape player three options; dragon crossbow, offhand dragon crossbow, and dragon two handed crossbow.

All types of dragon crossbows are untradable on the grand exchange, and it is unknown if the assist system can be used to make them.

99 Guide 2012 all charms in Runescape

99 Guide 2012 all charms in Runescape

mbyL’s 1 99 Summoning Guide 2012In this 1 99 summoning guide, you will read about which summon monster to make at what levels using which charms. In my opinion, having the 99 summoning skill cape is something prestigious, because it stands for wealth, persistence and just looks good. It is desired by many players, but many players also don’t have to persistence to gather all the charms and the money to train summoning at all. The 99 skill cape seems to be desired especially by Germans in Runescape.

I will show you a list first, which charms you have to use in order to create the specific pouch at what level. Afterwards, there will be a list, where it is most advisable to get all these charms.

Gathering charms with slayer (my method)My favourite method was simply to gather charms with slayer. And in my opinion, this is also a very good way. It is true that it takes longer than going for charms specifically, but it made much more fun to me and I also trained combat skills and slayer and we all know that slayer takes very long to get 99. So it is recommended by me that you train slayer and gather the charms you need for 99 summoning.

I hope this 1 99 Summoning guide could help you and give you some fast levels.

Please leave me some feedback in the feedback sections down there and maybe also a comment? Comments can be written as a guest user (no account required). There are many other Runescape 99 Guides on my profile, too! Thanks for reading!

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Runescape Bandos Guide 2012 How to kill Bandos Boss Godwars Guide 2012 . And thanks for the Baby Jad info I will include it into my guide under the extra section ;).

Crewman6 22 months ago

I enjoyed your hub. Waterfiends were my best friend when training (couldn’t afford Rock Lobsters). You also had a great point about training slayer simultaneously. It’s always a good idea to train multiple skills when you can, but also, Baby Jad is the coolest pet in Runescape (or at least the move exclusive!) and you have to have 99 Slayer AND 99 Summoning to get him.