RuneScape Sinkhole Strategy Guide

RuneScape Sinkhole Strategy Guide

RuneScape’s newest Distraction and Diversion for Pay to Play players is here and it is a great way to get a boost in your Dungeoneering experience. There is a catch to it though. Unlike many activities in RuneScape where there is teamwork involved, this new update to the game mostly encourages competition between players. There will be winners and there will be losers in this activity. Users who receive more points will be more likely to receive a better prize. Everyone will get a prize in the end, but what prize you get will depend on how well you do. Make the Most Out of Your Time

It’s possible to complete the maximum of two sinkholes each day in just one sinkhole appearance. Considering that sinkholes surface every hour, they’re fairly uncommon. To complete two sinkholes within one surfacing period, you must be timely. World 134 is a good world to do your sinkhole adventures on because of the amount of people there. It’s a good idea to invest in a Ring of Kinship which can be received from the Dungeoneering Tutor. The ring allows you to teleport to Daemonheim with a couple clicks of your mouse button. You can then teleport to the sinkhole from Daemonheim. Make sure you arrive a couple minutes before the sinkhole will appear! Sinkholes will appear at the half hour of every hour. When the entrance does appear, quickly enter and be one of the first to get into the waiting list to start a dungeon. After finishing up the first sinkhole, teleport back to the sinkhole using the “teleport to sinkhole” choice and re enter it. You can then do your second sinkhole within the time limit of one sinkhole surfacing.

There are 3 tasks given to you when you’re in the dungeon. There will be a resources challenge, a combat totem challenge, and an exploratory totem challenge. There is a limit to how many items related to each challenge that can be turned in for points. To earn the most points, you want to gain combat totems and exploratory totems. This requires killing monsters and opening rooms. This is the fastest way to get points and it is much easier to do this than collecting resources. When you open new rooms in the sinkhole, you should scan the room for any locked chests that can be opened for a playing card that can be used at the end. Killing monsters is better suited for users who have a higher combat level. Users below a combat level of 130 might find it difficult to gain combat totems. An alternative to using your combat skills to gain points is through either your mining, fishing, woodcutting, or other resource collecting skills. You should have a high level for the corresponding skill required. For instance, ores would correspond to mining. When collecting resources in the dungeon, you should look out for resources that seem to “sparkle” with an unusual color like green or purple above of the resource. These will give you double the resources when collected. Although it’s debatable, collecting resources is a good way to receive playing cards for use at the end. Although, this depends on how many resources you manage to collect. The more you collect, the more likely you will receive a playing card.

When gathering or fighting, you should keep in mind the resources that have already been deposited by other players by looking at the top left corner of the screen where the objectives are listed. Once an objective is completed, no more points can be received for that item. Many users collect combat totems and exploratory totems only to find that they have become worthless because the objective for collecting them was already completed. This has changed the game’s results many times, so watch out!

Get a Good Prize

Even if you’re in last place, you can still get a good prize! You just need to play the ending card game wisely. Although, being in first place almost always guarantees that you’ll get what you want to get. The key to winning in the ending competition is having the right cards and having a good rank. If you’re in last place, you probably won’t get the prize you want. You might start out with a large lamp but end with a small lamp.

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