RuneScape Evolution of Combat

RuneScape Evolution of Combat

The RuneScape Evolution of Combat update features a wide range of new features that are cool, and also others that may not be as enjoyable. Here are some of the changes that you may enjoy. By far the best update of Evolution of Combat is the ability to use standard original melee. This helps users who don’t enjoy the new combat system to use the old standard one click combat style, although it will deal significantly less damage without the boosts, it still is functional. It’s particularly good because the ability to train without the need of being at the keyboard when not engaged in player versus player combat is still possible. Although I’m sure that using the available abilities will significantly boost the experience gained per hour, standard one click is my favorite option when it comes to socializing in chats and just relaxing with friends. It’s also possible to minimize the action bar so that the screen is freed up significantly, so when using original one click combat, there will also be the benefit of freeing up the game screen.

The improved animations for the movement of characters is another one of my favorite updates. Although some users think that it’s similar to World of Warcraft, I can only say that RuneScape will be RuneScape and that both games have their own differences, positives, and negatives. I personally enjoy the animations because of the variety of attacks, not just the same movement repeated over and over again. The abilities that can be used are also quite attractive, and should also be more entertaining for users who prefer to watch players attack each other instead of actually engaging in combat themselves. (Clan Wars should be a great place for this).

The Evolution of Combat update will also hopefully eliminate the usefulness of many bots. The bots that skill in the Wilderness should now be easy kills after the update, if they can even run their script anymore. Because they can’t outsmart humans and can only use a limited amount of different programmed patterns for the abilities, it should be much easier to attack and intercept “cheating” users now. The numerous abilities available should ultimately make owning bots much easier now, especially because of the potential to inflict more damage. This should give the brave Skillers a chance to train in the Wilderness, while also providing more chances for player versus player users to get out and do there thing; defeat, loot, and restock with profit.

The Evolution of Combat update is a successful one, despite the many rants of angry players. No matter what, getting used to this new feature will take a while, but it can definitely be mastered.

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