The Eyeless Boss

The Eyeless is associate degree operation boss for swtor credits eight or sixteen players obtainable in 2 problem modes with a weekly opposition. there’s no name demand to enter his den, that is found on the lowest right corner of overrun Pathways section of the tunnels.


However, if you would like to induce the [OPS] Heart of Infection quest, that rewards you with a pair of Rakghoul polymer Canisters, one incised Rakghoul Claw (blue rep item), four Glowing information Crystals and 20k credits, you may would like Outsider rank and buy a THORN Priority Authorization from the name vendors for 1k. this may enable you to act with the terminal back at the Rakghoul Tunnels starter space to receive the hunt.


8m story (L65) – 6.22 mil