Runescape Best Prayer Guide on Earth for F2p

Runescape Best Prayer Guide on Earth for F2p

Hi guys, this is the best prayer guide you will ever come across in your life. Rich Kids If you are extremely rich and can spend money on leveling your prayer skill this is what you should do. Make your way to the Grand Exchange located in the North of Varrock. Withdraw about 10M (more or less depending on the level you are aiming for). Buy as many big bones as you can with that money. (Big bones are the best prayer experience for non members in the game). Now put all the noted big bones in your bank. Withdraw 28 big bones unnoted into your inventory. Start burying them and when you are done withdraw another 28 big bones. This would be the fastest way in F2p to level up your prayer level.

Normal Way From level 1 do Father Areck’s quest in Lumbridge and you level up to about 9. Then kill chickens in the lumbridge coop and pick up their bones. Bury them every time you kill another chicken. Killing chickens is fast prayer experience because you can kill them in one shot as they only have 3 hitpoints. They also drop the normal bone. When you have reached about level 20 prayer train your combat to 40 if it isn’t already.

Once you are 40 combat get a brass key from the Grand Exchange. Go to the little house on right of Barbarian Village. Go down the ladder in the room and you find yourself in a room full of hill giants. These lumbering giants aren’t usless as they drop big bones!! These bones give the most experience in the free to play world. Once you have killed many hill giants and gotten bored make your way to the Bone Yard. The bone yard is north of Varrock in the wilderness. There are about 8 normal bone spawns there. This is great because you don’t have to kil anything at all !!!! Once you have picked the bones and buried them new bones would have spawned already!! This basically means that you bury bones non stop!! This will level you up extremely quickly. IMPORTANT: Be careful of the menacing renevants wandering around ready to attack you!

When you reached the higher levels like 70, it would be pretty pointless and boring to do what you were doing before. The experience you need would be too much so I recommend you either earn money and buy big bones or become a member for access to better bones. Getting to 99 prayer will be extremely fast if you have the money and if you have the patience it shouldn’t be too hard.

Good luck on the painless journey to 99 prayer and if you ever get bored just think about the flying emote you get to use!!

RuneScape Easy Money with Skill

RuneScape Easy Money with Skill

Want to make easy money while improving your mining skill? Well then this is the guide for you! (Note: This guide is for nonmembers, although both p2p and f2p players can use this) Way 1

Requirements: Level 1 Mining

Mine Rune Essence at Aubury’s Rune Shop (after completing the Rune Mysteries quest, he can teleport you to the rune essence) Mine until your inventory is full. Use one of the portals to go out and go to the bank directly north just a few seconds away. Deposit your inventory and repeat. Sell on the GE. Bank it at the Varrock West Bank to the north. Sell the clay on the GE. Bank it at the Varrock West Bank to the north. Sell the ore on the GE. Sell the ore at the GE. Repeat.

Recommended? No, Since Silver Ore has a respawn of 2 minutes.

(Note: If you have 40 crafting or higher you could mine at the Crafting Guild, since it has more silver rocks)

Way 5

Requirements: Level 30 MIning

Mine for Coal either in Barbarian Village or the South west Lumbridge Mine. If mining at Barbarian Village, bank at Varrock West Bank. If mining at South west Lumbridge Mine, bank at Draynor Village.