The Best Way to Get Gold Charms on Runescape

The Best Way to Get Gold Charms on Runescape

When you’re a new member in RuneScape, the best way to get gold charms is to kill goblins in Lumbridge. When your combat level increases to 15 or greater, go to the mine in Al Kharid and kill scorpions.

Pass down a ladder south of Taverley to enter the city’s dungeon. Get gold charms by fighting the giant bats in the large room near the Cauldron of Thunder. However, until you achieve a higher combat level, don’t venture past the northern section of the dungeon.

You can get gold charms by killing black bears, which frequent the area southeast of Varrock. You can also find black bears east of Ardougne. Black unicorns which are east of Rellekka, which is north of Ardougne, also drop gold charms.

Higher level monsters in RuneScape do not necessarily drop more gold charms than lower level monsters. However, they can help you to increase your combat level further. Many high level monsters drop items which are extremely valuable on the RuneScape Grand Exchange in southeast Varrock. Thus, as your combat level increases, it makes sense to get your gold charms from monsters that are closer to your own level.

When your combat level is 40 or greater, begin to kill moss giants in the Varrock sewers or in the Wilderness. In addition to gold charms, moss giants also drop valuable runes, gems, seeds, weapons and shields. You can also get gold charms from the deadly red spiders in the sewers. Keep in mind that the Varrock sewers are a multicombat area, which means that multiple monsters can attack you at once. You can also join with other players to fight a single monster. In most other parts of RuneScape this is not the case. As your combat level reaches 50, you may travel to the dungeon beneath Port Sarim to kill ice giants and ice warriors.

Before you go out to fight high level monsters, equip yourself with quality armor such as mithril, adamant or rune and get a high level weapon such as a mithril, adamant or rune longsword or scimitar. Take along plenty of food to renew your hitpoints.

RuneScape Money Making

RuneScape Money Making

This guide includes many different strategies to become extremely rich in RuneScape. These strategies deal with the mining and smithing skills in RuneScape. They work extremely well and you could be well on your way to purchasing a rare party hat. With some dedication, you can become the richest player in the game. First of all, you need to show your commitment. If you are really dedicated to getting money, then you will. If not, then don’t even try. Money doesn’t come free and you have to earn it. However, this guide will make earning your money easier.

Mining and smithing are good moneymakers for low leveled players. Start off by mining copper and tin. Keep these ores, then head to a furnace to smelt them into bronze bars. Furnaces for F2P (free to play) players are at Falador, Lumbridge, and at Al Kharid. Make sure that you have exactly the same amount of copper as you have tin. You can then sell these bars at the Grand Exchange, or smelt them into weapons or armor at the anvils in Varrock. Once you get 15 mining, then grab a pickaxe and head to the Varrock west mine. There are a few iron rocks sitting there (their vein is brownish red). Mine the iron ore. Once you get a full inventory of these, head up to the Varrock west bank. You will maximize your profits if you can able to run for longer periods of time. This can only be affected by the agility skill (only for paying members). Keep doing this and you will get money and great experience in the mining skill.

Once you bank your ores, repeat this and go mine more. When you hit 1000 ores or more, you should sell them at either the Grand Exchange or in the bank. Shout out, “Selling iron ores 100gp each! Username here!” By selling 1000 iron ores, you will get approximately 100k! That’s 100,000gp! Keep doing this over and over and before you know it, you’ll have all the partyhats and rares.

However, you can also go further with your mining and smithing skills. This requires much more time and effort, but gives you much more money. Coal is a good moneymaker for higher leveled miners. It is suggested that you mine iron ores until you are 60 mining. At 60 mining, you can enter the Mining Guild in Falador. The Mining Guild has 37 coal rocks and 5 mithril rocks. If you can enter the guild, then you are able to mine both coal and mithril ore. Coal sells for about 190gp and mithril ore sells for about 250gp. That’s much more then iron!

At level 70, you will also be able to mine adamant ore. Each adamant ore sells for approximately 1000gp. That’s great money! At 85 mining, you will also be able to mine runite ore, which sells for about 12,000gp! However, getting 85 mining requires much effort and time. But you can do it if you try! At higher levels, you will be able to mine much faster. At level 99, you will be able to buy the Mining Cape of Achievement, which comes with it’s nifty emote, that can only be done by players with 99 mining. Same goes for smithing. These two skill capes are some of the rarest in the game. With some effort, they can both be yours!

Enjoy being rich!

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RuneScape Slayer Guide

RuneScape Slayer Guide

The February 8th, 2010 RuneScape update introduced Strykewyrms into RuneScape. Continuing the trend for new content for high level players, this update gives high level slayers three new slayer creatures, two new masks, and a new weapon. There are three types of Strykewyrms; Jungle Strykewyrms, Desert Strykewyrms, and Ice Strykewyrms. Each has their separate location, required slayer level, and location. Refer to RuneScape Strykewyrm Slideshow for a slideshow of the strykewyrms in action.

Jungle Strykewyrms are found north of Mobilizing Armies. They appear as mounds in the ground and RuneScape players with the required slayer level or assignment can search the mound to find and attack the Jungle Strykewyrm. Jungle Strykewyrms require level 73 slayer to kill and are level 110 combat.

Desert Strykewyrms are found east of Al Kharid. Bring waterskins; do not go through Shantay pass. Instead, hop the style east of Al Kharid palace and walk east. Yellow dots on the map will indicate the strykewyrms, visible as mounds in the sand. Desert Strykewyrms are level 130 combat and require level 77 slayer to kill.

Ice Strykewyrms are the hardest of all strykewyrms and are an assignment unique to Kuradal. Ice Strykewyrms can only be killed if they are a RuneScape player’s current slayer assignment. According to other RuneScape players, Ice Strykewyrms are accessed by entering the cave discovered during Tale of the Muspah quest (quest completion required) and heading east. It is unclear what requirements are needed for the RuneScape player to actually see the cave.

All strykewyrms attack with weak melee and magic attacks. Strykewyrms use a special attack that the RuneScape player has to watch out for; the strykewyrm will burrow underground and come up underneath the RuneScape player, dealing 30 damage to the player and any other player in the immediate vicinity. To avoid the special attack entirely, remain a few squares away from other RuneScape players and when the Strykewyrm burrows into the ground during an attack, run quickly a few squares away to dodge the attack.

All Strykewyrms drop summoning charms, runes, herb seeds, and noted herbs and items. By adding noted drops of items, notably herbs and herblore secondaries, Jagex seeks to create supply to meet the increased demand and the notes allow RuneScape players to obtain more of the items.

There are three items that are dropped. Jungle Strykewyrms drop Hexcrest which boosts the RuneScape player’s magic strength vs. slayer monsters. Desert Strykewyrms drop Focus sight, which boosts the RuneScape player’s ranged. Hexcrest and Focus Sight can both be added to a slayer helm to make a full slayer helm.

Ice Strykewyrms drop as a rare drop the Staff of Light. Staff of light, currently worth ten million on the Grand Exchange, has a one out of eight chance of saving runes used to cast a spell. Staff of light has melee stats comparable to a dragon weapon and a special attack that reduces melee damage done to RuneScape player by half for a minute. Level 75 attack and magic are required to wield staff of light. View profile