Six clothing and accessories so that with their own to show the temperament is more in tune

  1. Color and jewelry with:

1) multi-color clothing: we can match the jewelry, you can choose one of the colors as the color of jewelry, you can also choose some neutral colors to match, or choose clothing patterns, patterns and other similar jewelry.

2) monochrome clothing:

Black: black clothing is very expressive, and black clothing with the jewelry to bright and bright, not with blue, brown, dark brown jewelry with.

White: white is pure, sacred symbol, not with white, light gray, bone, plastic quality jewelry with.

Red: red clothing itself bright and beautiful Cartier love bracelet replica , easy to make people excited, eye-catching accessories should be relatively simple, simple, to the color of clothing to produce a balanced role, the specific mix can be used to reconcile color, contrast color two methods The

Yellow: light yellow and pure, filled with the breath of spring, and golden and gives brilliant, noble and mysterious feeling, light yellow can be used with warm red, golden yellow, can also match the brown, green, golden Clothing itself radiant, with black jewelry match.

Gray: gray often become the mainstream color of clothing, and with a variety of colors in harmony.

  1. Jewelry and clothing styles

1) dress: with the dress with the requirements of high-end jewelry, exquisite, luxurious, the best package.

2) professional suit: jewelry with the requirements of the shape is relatively simple, excellent workmanship to professional women serious and serious work environment to match.

3) Casual: with casual wear with a lot of freedom and randomness, as long as the unique style, beautiful colors can be with casual wear.

Beautiful little caution:

First of all, the jewelry with no more, one or two is a delicate decoration and embellishment, and more than three vulgar is unbearable. Remember the jewelry is only embellishment role, used to adjust the dress, so that with their own to show the temperament is more in tune.

Second, the jewelry should be combined with their own temperament, dress dress. The innate tones (color, hair color, color of the eyes) coincide with the color characteristics of nature, with cold and warm points. Wearing a cool tone of the clothes are equipped with warm colors of jewelry, wearing a 24K gold necklace is equipped with a pair of silver earrings, which is clothing with the taboo. And the color of jewelry also have the warmth of the points, choose the color of jewelry and choose the same color of clothing, all depends on your own body natural tone.

Skin color Hongyan people, can choose light green, dark green and other colors of jewelry, to bring out the vitality. But should not be decorated with red, purple or bright Cartier love ring replica blue gemstones, so as not to face pale purple.

Black people should not wear white or pink gemstones, so as to avoid strong contrast, leaving the skin look more black. But decorated with tea crystal, topaz and other middle tone of the gem, can play a good role in desalination of the skin.

Color of white people, can choose to bring precious stones metal jewelry, beads jewelry and shellfish carving jewelry, these jewelry and white skin color match, there is a sense of quiet beauty. But if the color is too white, it is not appropriate to wear diamond jewelry, crystal jewelry, which will make the skin more pale.

Skinny slightly yellow, choose platinum jewelry, silver jewelry, ivory jewelry is very appropriate, they can add the user’s elegant posture; other if the choice of green gemstones, or ball jewelry, but also very temperament. But try not to choose red or yellow jewelery, which will make the skin more dark, and thus lose the charm.

Skin color waxy people, should choose a class of red orange jewelry, with a warm color to enhance the wearer’s blood, to reduce the prone to a sense of morbidity.