Shanghai and other buy fifa 18 coins places have appeared

Shanghai and other places have appeared “brush buy fifa 18 coins machine”, the Agricultural Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank and other banks have upgraded ATM buy fifa 18 coins, to achieve without the bank card can brush face money “. It is reported that the” brush face money “this” black “technology based on face recognition technology, buy fifa 18 coins the infrared double eye in vivo the scene detection, compared to the ID card photo finish customer identification, customer hut coins for sale card transaction password to buy fifa 18 coins.” from the artificial intelligence and robotics threat will change the “back office”, the next 5 years, the banking industry 30% of the jobs will disappear. “Former Citigroup CEO buy fifa 18 coins Weidi recently said Citigroup last year. Said in a report, financial technology is forcing banks to a turning point, with the gradual automation of the retail banking buy fifa 18 coins, people will no longer need to go into the bank for business outlets. In fact, fifa coin websites are already many financial Gang By robots. Semi annual report data show that five large buy fifa 18 coins-owned bank outlets in the first half of a total reduction of 162, a reduction of up to 27104 people.