Reeves: Crawford and Reddick saved the team

In the just concluded an nba 2k mt game, the Los Angeles Clippers on the road to 105-103 victory over the Detroit Pistons reversal, got the last five games in the Game 4 victory, the record of 15 wins and 10 losses temporarily.

After the game coach Doug – Reeves of players satisfied with the performance that the team should continue to adhere to this style of play.

Reeves said: “Today is a victory by the efforts of the players get, I mean, really rely on their own I felt was NBA 2K16 My Team Points almost ruined the game.”

Reeves admits is Reddick and Crawford Trey save the game. The key moment in the fourth quarter behind three teams sharing plans Reeves was originally scheduled to make Austin – Reeves stood behind Drummond to shoot the ball, but the referee does not allow such a penalty stations, Reddick is eventually caught outside shots time.

When a reporter asked why not send Lance Reeves – Stephenson play, the Clippers coach has answered the rhetorical question: “Do you know the game nba 2k16 mt for sale is that we won, right?”