Jewelry maintenance

Jewelry maintenance tips:

1, try to avoid contact with hot springs and sea water, shower gel and so on.

2, if found to be stained or darkened jewelry, you can use a clean silver cloth gently wipe or rub the toothpaste to blister with a soft brush toothbrush gently brush.

3, such as long-term clean is difficult to restore the true color.

4, engaged in laundry, washing and cooking and other work, please remove the ring, bracelet, in order to avoid the impact of chemical or grease its brightness.

5, engaged in strenuous exercise or moving heavy objects, please try to avoid wearing jewelry, jewelry to avoid friction, the collision caused by the crack surface Replica Cartier jewelry damage, precious stones off and so on.

6, in order to avoid the erosion of flavor substances on jewelry, it is recommended to dress up after wearing jewelry.

7, jewelry often replaced, the same piece of jewelry, should avoid wearing for a long time, especially in the hot summer, jewelry coating long-term exposure to sweat, easy to erode, so it is best to prepare a number of jewelry for regular replacement.

8, contact with chemicals, jewelry vulnerable to damage. Bathing aroma, swimming in the chlorine, salt water in the sea, will cause erosion of the jewelry coating, so bath or swimming before the ornaments should be all removed.



Maintenance of silverware:


Silver chemical properties of more lively, and therefore the role of sulfur dioxide in the air to form a black silver sulfide, silver surface oxidation when the black, you can use the following maintenance, you can restore the beautiful silver luster.

  1. You can add soda in the water and then clean the wipe.
  2. Use rub silver cloth, rub silver paste wipe (general jewelry shop should be able to buy, in particular, need to point out: rub silver cloth contains a special syrup, can not wash).
  3. With a soft cloth stained with some toothpaste scrub jewelry, and then washed with water to wipe clean cotton. (Dentifr effect good oh)
  4. soaked in silver water, then washed with water, wipe clean with cotton to keep it dry. But suggested that as little as possible to wash the silver water, because the washing of silver water for the chemical products, is to use the corrosion of silver water itself to clean the silver, long-term use will cause damage to silver jewelry.


How is the platinum diamond ring maintenance?

The beauty of diamonds has been loved by the public since it was discovered. And platinum pure, but also makes the diamond platinum ring has become the most popular love partner. Whether it is a profound significance of the anniversary, when engaged or married, sent a bright diamond from platinum ring must be a good choice.



So how much do you really know about platinum? Do you know that only platinum can be called platinum? In the purchase of platinum (platinum) when we must look for pt logo.


The world’s most precious diamonds are almost all embedded in the platinum base. With the gift of nature, the most precious rare material, eternal precious platinum and permanent bright diamonds are really made with the perfect match, is undoubtedly to create high-end jewelry to Zhen’s choice.


Why is platinum and diamonds perfect match?


The world’s most precious diamonds are almost all embedded in the platinum base. Platinum natural white color, to maximize the diamond out of the natural fire color, and diamond diamonds shine each other. And platinum tough wear and tear, in a variety of extreme environments can maintain its stability, can be securely embedded in every diamond, giving long-lasting care of diamonds. So platinum is the choice of high-end jewelry to Zhen, also be considered to witness the eternal love of the best wedding ring material.

Inaugural dance, this set of yellow-green sleeveless silk satin evening dress unified the original style

The film, directed by Pablo Replica Cartier jewelry, describes in depth the experience of Jacqueline Kennedy before and after the assassination of the president on November 22, 1963. The heroine Natalie Portman in the film for us to restore the 20th century, 60 years, “the first lady,” the trend of fashion, which may be in recent years, the most anticipated fashion joke of a play.

Jacqueline Kennedy is the most beautiful first lady in the minds of the Americans, and she is famous for her elegant fashion and accessories. In the movie, the first lady’s wardrobe is an important part of the character.

Even Natalie Portman said, “Jacqueline style is very clear, from hair to clothing to jewelry, and her elegant temperament, have been remembered.

In order to Jacqueline fashion style to the big screen, Cartier love bracelet replica also invited the French fashion designer Madeline Fontaine re-created the famous red wool Dior suit; pink Chanel suit, and with the same color hat and dark blue Of the navy wind collar; she was wearing a pajamas in the bedroom and wearing black clothes at the funeral.

The suit is Jacqueline’s favorite dress, Jacqueline in 1962 Valentine’s Day wearing Christian Dior’s red wool suit, to participate in the White House TV tour. Comparison of the two, turned out to be so magical.

Kennedy was assassinated when she was wearing this set of pink woolen suit was re-engraved. Making this “Chanel suit”, also used the French fashion house original buttons and chain. Hats and gloves are also matched with Jacqueline’s personal style.

Inaugural dance, this set of yellow-green sleeveless silk satin evening dress unified the original style, just do a little modification. Portman wearing this dress collar some adjustments, like a hat as folded in the collar, with the long section of the diamond tassel earrings, evoke the former lady’s fashionable style.

Black dress set, until today to see still not out of date.

In the contrast between the two women, you can easily understand why the director will choose Natalie Portman played this role.

Jacqueline life also has a lot of women dream of jewelry. She had said: “Jewelry is epoch-making, for me, it has important significance.” In a variety of important occasions and dinner, the beautiful diamond jewelry also always shine with her charming dress. In 1996, Sotheby’s auction will Jacqueline’s 559 pieces of fine diamond jewelry exhibition, called the world’s largest auction, sensation industry.

We may wish to open her jewelry box first!

As the first lady of the United States, Kennedy gave her a 2.88-carat diamond and 2.84-carat emerald engagement ring, which came from the design of Van Cleef & Arpels.

In 1961, Jacqueline attended the dinner at the Cartier love ring replica Palace, wearing a Givenchy dress, wearing a Van Cleef & Arpels diamond ornaments.

On November 25, 1960, Kennedy was born to celebrate the birth of his son, John Kennedy, to give his wife a double fruit brooch.

Since then, Jacqueline has a Tiffany 1961 came the “Jackie” bracelet.

the Wizards team in this period of time only 30 points

Section IV and overtime, the small Thomas scored 29 points, and the Wizards team in this period of time only 30 points, you can say that a small Thomas force, let the opponent across the board collapse. The strongest surface 175, people have to admire. The Celtics beat the Wizards at all time, and the little Thomas scored a 53 points for the playoff career (20 points in the distal season), and he also became one of Paulo Pierce since 2003 at the end of the playoffs at least Scored 20 points for the Green Army players. 53 points is the Celtics playoff history of the second high score, second only to John – Harvard Cecker in the 1973 Eastern Conference semi-finals when the face of the Hawks 54 points. Little Thomas has also become the fifth of the Green Army history, but also since 2009, Ray – Allen (51) after the first in the playoffs score 50 + players, or since 2003 Iverson (55) since the season The highest score in the match Today, a small Thomas distal + plus a total of 29 points scored, and the Wizards during this myteam coins 2k17 the 2k17 myteam points only get 30 points.

Wizards star star John – Wall is also doing well, his audience scored 40 points and 13 assists, becoming the first team of the Wizards season team scored at least 40 points +10 assists. And he also became a player in the 1969 Jerry – West (42 points and 12 and then in the playoffs when the face of the Celtics can get at least 40 points +10 assists. In buy myteam points 2k17, the small Thomas and Wall campaign Qi Qi 40 +, the last two players from different camps in the playoffs chase 40 + also dates back to the 2011 Western Conference Finals Thunder VS Mavericks series opener. Dirk Nowitzki scored 48 points on the spot, while Kevin – Durant also recorded 40 points. Warriors win the jazz, the Warriors campaign fast break score 29-6 suppression jazz, it is mentioning that this season the Warriors fast break scoring more than 25 points game 28 victory.