NFL scores 2015: Follow all the Week 16 action from Sunday

The Chiefs, Steelers and Jets can keep the pressure on the Broncos by earning wins on Sunday.

A handful of spots in the postseason are still up for grabs and the second-to-last Sunday of the 2015 NFL regular season will help to sort those out. NHL16 HUT Coins on


One of those spots was already claimed in Week 16 on Saturday, when Washington won the NFC East by defeating the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles and New York Giants were already eliminated in the NFC Wild Card race, but still had postseason hopes alive, thanks to the lackluster records in the NFC East.


With the hopes of the Giants and Eagles officially extinguished, 16 teams have officially been eliminated and nine teams are still alive entering Sunday.


In the first slate on nine games, the biggest story was the Falcons ending the Panthers’ perfect season with a 20-13 win. Atlanta kept its faint playoff hopes alive with the win.


Last week, the Houston Texans snagged a one-game lead in the AFC South with a win over the Indianapolis Colts and could have end the race altogether by beating the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, as long as it was coupled with a loss for the Colts. But the Colts, who lost Matt Hasselbeck due to injury, held on to beat the Dolphins. The Texans blew out the Titans, which officially eliminated the Jacksonville Jaguars from the playoffs before their game with the New Orleans Saints.


However, the best race for playoff spots is the four-team drag race for the other three spots in the AFC. Entering Week 16, the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs were all on winning streaks and tied at 9-5, just one game behind the Denver Broncos who have a chance at missing the postseason even if they find an 11th win. The Chiefs beat the Browns to win their ninth straight game, but the Steelers fell to the Ryan Mallett-led Ravens. Kansas City clinched a spot in the playoffs while the Steelers’ loss gave the AFC North title to the Cincinnati Bengals. NHL 16 Ultimate Team Coins on sale


In dramatic fashion, the Jets topped the Patriots in overtime to keep their playoff hopes alive.


The Broncos don’t play until a Monday Night Football matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals, but the Chiefs’ win put pressure on them in the AFC West race.


In the second group of games, the Cardinals and Packers had a showdown between two of the NFC’s top teams, but it didn’t look like it, as the Cardinals dominated the Packers from start to finish. The Rams were in Seattle for an always wild division game with the Seahawks, and they walked out of Seattle with a victory. The Saints scored 38 points to beat the Jaguars in a meaningless but fun one. NHL 16 Coins for sale.


Below, we’ve got all of the Week 16 games, with scores updated throughout the day.

Reeves: Crawford and Reddick saved the team

In the just concluded an nba 2k mt game, the Los Angeles Clippers on the road to 105-103 victory over the Detroit Pistons reversal, got the last five games in the Game 4 victory, the record of 15 wins and 10 losses temporarily.

After the game coach Doug – Reeves of players satisfied with the performance that the team should continue to adhere to this style of play.

Reeves said: “Today is a victory by the efforts of the players get, I mean, really rely on their own I felt was NBA 2K16 My Team Points almost ruined the game.”

Reeves admits is Reddick and Crawford Trey save the game. The key moment in the fourth quarter behind three teams sharing plans Reeves was originally scheduled to make Austin – Reeves stood behind Drummond to shoot the ball, but the referee does not allow such a penalty stations, Reddick is eventually caught outside shots time.

When a reporter asked why not send Lance Reeves – Stephenson play, the Clippers coach has answered the rhetorical question: “Do you know the game nba 2k16 mt for sale is that we won, right?”

Ferrari 488 Spyder advantages

The car “Ferrari 488 Spyder”, the latest cars in the history of “Maranello” constant, and stronger car engine rear medial author of eight cylinders in V of the Italian factory honored with a metal retractable roof RHT with a high level of technical innovations and modern design ; where launched by the “Ferrari”, today, at the Dubai International Motor Show; following the global launch at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September.
Retractable roof
Ferrari was the first company to introduce a ceiling metal is collapsible in a car of this type, and believes this solution less weight (25 kg) and better comfort inside the cabin compared to cars with roof cloth traditional, like all versions Spyder previous Ferrari models, targeting this car customers who seeking driving pleasure in the open air in a high sports car performance are the voice of the Ferrari engine which is unlike any other sound; where bends metal roof folding back on two interrelated to sign up the engine without any prominent bump and the size is too small, and is characterized by this mechanism Bslasthe, as to fully open or close the roof takes only 14 seconds.
Quick and agile
And designed every aspect of the car to form a new technical standard model in the automotive sector, the structure surround made of aluminum to the new engine aftermarket auto parts with eight-cylinder V-shaped technology Shipping turbo, aerobic and dynamics that combine the need for a higher pressing force level down and to the coefficient of drag minimum, and also combine air flow requirements imposed by the open-top car and vehicle dynamics that make it quick and agile and responsive to the very compartment that.
Heart Ripper
Under the front cover is spring Ferrari, an engine with a turbo-capacity charger 3902 cc; where the Ferrari by asking a few months ago in a car 488 GTB 488 GTB, and is characterized by this engine to perform supernatural sense of the word, It generates power up to 670 horsepower and strength determination upward of 760 Newton meters at the speed of 3000 rpm, car 488 Spyder from zero Vttasara to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds, and from zero to 200 km within 8.7 seconds, is moreover engine Turbocharger with uncanny efficiency; as it not stronger than the previous one hundred horsepower engine that works only natural air to withdraw, but also issued less of carbon dioxide emissions.
Eight cylinders
Turbo engine is an eight-cylinder unique character and offers increasing levels of force on the full range of the rotational speed of the engine; where enables engineers Ferrari to get rid completely of delayed conventional turbo with claustrophobic responds in 0.8 seconds, not only thanks to the ingredients used like turbo trucks , but also to the sophisticated production process, which can only be achieved in modern Maranello factories that are shared also “Scuderia” Scuderia section (devoted to Ferrari racing section) in order to promote the transfer allocated to the race Ferrari technology to the custom of driving on the everyday road cars.
A strong voice distinctive
In line with Ferrari tradition, “488 Spyder” model Coilovers is characterized by the strong sound distinctive; where was the use of capital exhaust with pipes equal length but longer than in previous Balnschat, column and flat crankshaft, has been enhanced sound more an in-depth study of the sound produced by the exhaust at the different speeds of the engine, As revealed at the ceiling, attractive The noise without doubt but it is annoying, note that the sound strength and clarity grows ever when the engine responded immediately with the throttle and the increase in power, thereby enhancing the feeling of sheer performance.