NHL 16 Now Accessible within the Vault on EA Access

EA Access* members ought to get their skates sharpened since the puck has dropped. NHL 16 is now available inside the EA Access Vault NHL 15 PS3 Online Store, a expanding library of EA games members can play as significantly as they want on Xbox A single.


NHL 16 delivers your most requested attributes along with new experiences that makeNHL 16 Coins bigger and far better, just like the all-new On-Ice Visual Trainer and smarter Coach Feedback; each tools will teach new players the way to study the fundamentals and give returning players suggestions on ways to develop on their NHL abilities. From new levels of depth across single player and team modes, combined with improved gameplay balance and control at every single position also as an unrivaled game day atmosphere, NHL 16 puts you into the heart of a team, where you will play collectively and win with each other.


NHL 16 joins The Vault which consists of over a dozen EA games including Plants vs. Zombies? Garden Warfare, Madden NFL 16, Battlefield four?, FIFA 15 and Dragon Age?: Inquisition. Furthermore to playing games as a lot as they want within the Vault and trying EA games very first with Play Initially Trials, EA Access members also enjoy 10% off on all EA digital purchases on Xbox One(www.hutcoinsbuy.com). Learn much more at here.

The Eyeless Boss

The Eyeless is associate degree operation boss for swtor credits eight or sixteen players obtainable in 2 problem modes with a weekly opposition. there’s no name demand to enter his den, that is found on the lowest right corner of overrun Pathways section of the tunnels.


However, if you would like to induce the [OPS] Heart of Infection quest, that rewards you with a pair of Rakghoul polymer Canisters, one incised Rakghoul Claw (blue rep item), four Glowing information Crystals and 20k credits, you may would like Outsider rank and buy a THORN Priority Authorization from the name vendors for 1k. this may enable you to act with the terminal back at the Rakghoul Tunnels starter space to receive the hunt.


8m story (L65) – 6.22 mil

This weekend’s the first of our rs accounts Road Trip bonus events

This weekend’s the first of our rs accounts Road Trip bonus events, focused around Slayer and Combat. From 01:00 BST on the 3rd of May until 00:59 BST on the 5th of May, members will enjoy a whole bunch of benefits geared at making combat even more rewarding.

Here’s a full list of the bonuses on offer this weekend:

Double slayer points.

+50% base Slayer XP.

Expanded drop tables for Kalphite King, Giant Mole and Barrows – Rise of the Six.

All charm drops offer an extra charm.

Double amounts of all rare drops, and the ring of wealth doubles in effectiveness.

Gear up, set your sights on the meanest beast you can handle, and enjoy extra XP and loads of lovely loot all weekend.

Have fun, and be sure to check in with your fellow warriors on the forums!


Social Media Challenges

To accompany the RuneScape Road Trip, we’re also hosting a series of fun RuneScape Social Media Road Trip Challenges!

Over the course of May, there’ll be seven challenges to complete, taking you on your very own voyage of discovery across RuneScape’s various social media offerings, from our long-established Facebook page to the new horizons of Vine.

If you complete three of our seven challenges, you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive ‘stamp’ you can put on top of runescape accounts your various social media avatars to indicate you’re a RuneScape social media adventurer. Finish all seven and you’ll get something very special.

This week – until Sunday 11th May – your challenges are:

Follow us on Twitter (RuneScape), and to tweet us – using the hashtag RuneScapeRoadTrip – your favourite RuneScape memory.

Take a screenshot of you doing something awesome in-game for our special Pinterest board, which will be created after we’ve received all the entries.

To ‘like’ us on Facebook, and ‘share’ your favourite post on there.

When you’ve done each one, take a screenshot, and save it to your ‘scrapbook’ (i.e. a folder on your computer) to show us at the end of May. We’ll ask you to do the same for each of the challenges, and submit your entries to mmofx come the end of May.

We’ll be telling you the next two challenges next week!