the Wizards team in this period of time only 30 points

Section IV and overtime, the small Thomas scored 29 points, and the Wizards team in this period of time only 30 points, you can say that a small Thomas force, let the opponent across the board collapse. The strongest surface 175, people have to admire. The Celtics beat the Wizards at all time, and the little Thomas scored a 53 points for the playoff career (20 points in the distal season), and he also became one of Paulo Pierce since 2003 at the end of the playoffs at least Scored 20 points for the Green Army players. 53 points is the Celtics playoff history of the second high score, second only to John – Harvard Cecker in the 1973 Eastern Conference semi-finals when the face of the Hawks 54 points. Little Thomas has also become the fifth of the Green Army history, but also since 2009, Ray – Allen (51) after the first in the playoffs score 50 + players, or since 2003 Iverson (55) since the season The highest score in the match Today, a small Thomas distal + plus a total of 29 points scored, and the Wizards during this myteam coins 2k17 the 2k17 myteam points only get 30 points.

Wizards star star John – Wall is also doing well, his audience scored 40 points and 13 assists, becoming the first team of the Wizards season team scored at least 40 points +10 assists. And he also became a player in the 1969 Jerry – West (42 points and 12 and then in the playoffs when the face of the Celtics can get at least 40 points +10 assists. In buy myteam points 2k17, the small Thomas and Wall campaign Qi Qi 40 +, the last two players from different camps in the playoffs chase 40 + also dates back to the 2011 Western Conference Finals Thunder VS Mavericks series opener. Dirk Nowitzki scored 48 points on the spot, while Kevin – Durant also recorded 40 points. Warriors win the jazz, the Warriors campaign fast break score 29-6 suppression jazz, it is mentioning that this season the Warriors fast break scoring more than 25 points game 28 victory.

despite the obvious nba coins of the basket

Easy to battles, 5 minutes 22 seconds, Lori shot in Irving nba coins, give the Knight 2 free throws. 5 minutes 51 seconds, received a pass from JR Smith, Owen three-pointers. 7 minutes and 33 seconds, Lori appeared passing mistakes, steals by Owen. Raptors attack on the rebounds, this section grabbed a total of 16 rebounds, including six offensive rebounds, which Ibaka one nba coins to five rebounds, but despite the obvious advantages of the basket, still failed to narrow the score gap. Knight played with the smooth, this section of the team completed a total of eight nba coins, which Owen one for his teammates sent 4 passes. Knight repeatedly hit the basket, get 16 free nba 2k17 coins, penalty 13 goals, free throw percentage reached 81.25%. Three knots, knight with 26 points lead into the next section.

Fourth quarter, the first 5 minutes, Ibaka in James shot nba coins, give the Cavaliers 3 free throws. 6 minutes 36 seconds, White to feed the ball, Joseph hit a long shot. 11 minutes and 50 seconds, James – Jones hand cut the buy nba 2k17 mt, was steals. Knight frequently soared three points, the team this section cast 10 three-pointers, hit rate 40.00%. The end of the game, the Cavaliers to beat the Raptors 125-103, made the nba coins victory. The fourth quarter left 8 minutes and 43 seconds, Parker in an attack when landing injured, he fell to the ground did not dare to move, did not dare to stand up, and finally was Demon and Murray carried out the venue, the game did not come back.

the Jazz first break out in the first 2k mt of the playoffs

“It was great, it was a fierce fight,” Boris Dio said after the 2k mt. Since 2010, the Jazz first break out in the first round of the playoffs, when their core lineup is Deron – Williams, Carlos – Carlos Boozer, Paul – Millsap and Wesley – Matthews The Three years ago, the jazz was still a regular game only 25 wins “underdog”, and now they have grown, the lineup has a new 2k mt: Gordon – Hayward, Rudy – Gobel, and experienced Joe – Johnson, George – Hill, Dior, and again rejuvenated Derek – Phevos, in the flank to contribute Joe – Ingles, Rodney – Hood and so on. Hayward and Phevos just 2k mt to Salt Lake City in 2010, for the long-lost playoff series victory, today harvest 26 points and 8 buy myteam coins nba 2k17 Hayward said: “means a lot, absolutely a lot of rookie season , We (and fans) have spent a difficult time together. Salt Lake City community has been with us back and forth, so from the season 25 wins to break into the playoffs this year, won the series, has a very far-reaching significance.

“I know that Salt Lake City has been the legacy of the playoffs to win the traditional 2k mt, so the fans can not give up, with me and Favors have survived the difficulties, means that I know they are very excited about the buy myteam points nba 2k17 ps4 with Victory back to Salt Lake City, and then fight in front of them. Can play in front of the fans, for me means a lot. For G7 victory, Gobel commented: “The key, very critical, but now we have to focus on and 2k mt confrontation. You know, we want more. After the game we did not do too much celebration, broke through The first round is not our ultimate goal, we want more than that. (Break through the first round) feel great, we are very excited, but we need to keep focused, ready in the past few days.