Port Commission for Discipline Inspection


In June 2014,rs 2007 gold two were spotted in Lianyungang City Deputy Mayor Cao Yonglin and Wang Tiejun, deputy secretary posts seen in the network.
Anonymous net posts point name, rs 2007 gold with an improper sexual relationship than women, and illegal use of the bus, in the upscale clubs at all levels of personnel, many banquets misconduct; Tiejun used his position to cover the city’s former police chief of the Public Security Bureau Relatives surname Wang, and by his mother funeral accepting gifts of nearly one million.

September 29, 2014, when Ho rs 2007 gold relatives in Port Commission for Discipline Inspection and rs 2007 gold party and government oversight, Deputy Director of the wind out of touch. Three days later, Lianyungang Haizhou Public Security Bureau police issued a notice of detention to the families, the notice said, rs 2007 gold XingJu suspicion of libel.
Since then, the two cousins ​​Daizhi He Fukang collar, Dai Zhi Bao 6 people have been Jingfangxingju. In November, He Fukang, rs 2007 gold collar and rs 2007 gold Paul and Ho Ching (He Fukang sister, not his real name) a total of four people were arrested in custody prosecution.
Family members said it does not take the initiative to talk about work
Ho family said, just after the fourth decade of rs 2007 gold, graduated from law school, after 1995 years ago to enter Lianyungang City Guanyun Public Security Bureau, entered the year 2003 in Lianyungang City Commission for Discipline Inspection of cadre selection by, he has served as Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection secretary, office deputy director and other duties.
Lianyungang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection official website public news show, rs 2007 gold after 2014 as deputy director of the party and government oversight room air by the post of deputy director of the Office of the change. According to earlier media reports, the department staff have participated in the verification and other departments and units Gongjusiyong disciplinary cases.

Exam candidates take the test before


Jiangxi Provincial Department cheap tera gold of Education this morning and then send notification Jiangxi Provincial Party Secretary to take the test event has given instructions to the Ministry of Education instructed the local investigation has been controlled Nanchang candidates take the test

This morning, the Jiangxi Provincial Education Department latest report shows that on June 7 to take the test event after the entrance found, the Jiangxi Provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei, Governor Lu Xinshe, Provincial Committee, the provincial deputy governor Mo Jiancheng, province Vice Governor Zhu Hong, Vice Minister of Chinese Ministry of Education Lin Huiqing has made important instructions.

Ministry of Education, Nanchang, Jiangxi take the test for the 7th event she said resolutely crack down on the organization to take the test, and other criminal acts. The Ministry of Education attaches great importance to and has instructed the Education Department of Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination prompt investigation to verify the situation and requested guidance on the Ministry of Public Security and local police department investigation.

Yesterday morning, this year’s college entrance examination has just kicked off the network, “the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter undercover to take the test organization to take the exam,” the news it caused a sensation. At present, Jiangxi college entrance examination students take the test has been controlled.

Exam candidates take the test before the end of the track to be controlled

Yesterday morning, the “Nanfang Dushi Bao” in order to “take the test organization to take the exam undercover reporter exposed inter-provincial gang” in the title have reported gang organizations in the Implementation of the college entrance examination take the test events. It reported that there are people who take the test are many well-known Hubei University Students.

According to the Southern Reporter survey, take the test, “gunmen” are in possession provided by the “on-line” have their own picture of “identity card”, “ticket”, some documents show domicile Shandong. These documents has already been saved in Jiangxi Province Education Examination system, photos of “gunmen” himself.

Yesterday afternoon, the Jiangxi Provincial Education Department to convene an emergency press conference, to take the test event notification. Appeared on the Internet, “Southern reporter undercover to take the test organization to take the exam in Nanchang,” the reports, is “Provincial Examination command center” site inspections of Jiangxi Province Department of Education, Provincial Education Examination Yuan immediately report to the leadership of the Ministry of Education and the provincial leadership, and quick to deploy, requiring Nanchang Education Examination joint police launched an immediate investigation and verification. This time from the end of the examination has been less than 20 minutes, Nanchang Education Examination and the police to act quickly, before the end of the language exam test center in Nanchang ten candidates Lee xx someone were controlled. After preliminary investigation, Li xx admitted teicoplanin behavior.

Evaluating FIFA 15


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The soldiers loaded system of FFXIV

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