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Ok so right now in Albion online it works like this

You have Normal Crafted Items. the lowest damage items.

Uncommon do more damage being 2 handed and again more damage being uncommon

Rare does the highest damage of them all

So 1 handed weapons only come in Normal. There is no uncommon or rare so there damage will always be substandard and for melee there isnt much off hand utility to balance out the damage lost.

There is also no 2 handed version in normal. Only uncommon and rare…



Basically it is setup so that Uncommon is your base weapon and Rare is your good weapon since its more expensive.


Do you like this system or would you like to see it adjusted ?


i’d say the current system is pritty good , the only negative is if i’m a 2H sword user there is no “cheap” alternative right now.

same for a one handed user there is no “expensive alternative”

the logic albion uses is simple

normal mats = normal craft

semi-rare mats = semi rare craft

rare mats =rare craft

the only issue i currently have with it is that with T5 mats u can pritty much achieve T7-8 damage on top of better damage skills


i craft a masterpiece 2H t5 scythe

+dmg from the masterpiece

+ dmg from being 2 handed

+ dmg from being a rare

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meanwhile there is no way i can create an equal 1 handed weapon even if i had the same materials

as albion is now using a shield/orb doesn’t even put u close to equal value as using a 2 handed weapon.

the construction of a comprehensive transportation system

Li pointed out that to fully deepen the reform,Albion Online Gold innovation and development models, “the Five Combinations”, that is the role of government and market forces, outside help and stimulate the internal force, opening up and opening up new urbanization and new rural construction, development construction and ecological protection and better together. To focus on efforts to protect and improve people’s livelihood, due to the application of the policy, the person making great efforts to impose tough fight fight poverty, create more jobs. To speed up on education in this “short board”, accelerate remove underserved “hat”,swtor credits build a strong social security “safety net.” To give prominence to the characteristics of industrial, infrastructure, environmental protection three priorities to enhance the ability of self-development of Tibet. Focus on the development of characteristic agriculture and animal husbandry and processing industry, and building major world tourist destination, invigorate trade circulation, Tibet has become an important channel to create an open country for South Asia; accelerate the construction of a comprehensive transportation system, the early realization of all the county through the oil road, with the conditions of towns and villages through hardening road, support major water conservancy construction, to ensure that people drink “safe water” to enhance energy security capability, and strive to cover all grid area counties (districts), to solve the population without electricity electricity issue, accelerate the construction of municipal infrastructure, support alpine district heating project, to enhance the level of information, communication efforts to eliminate blind spots; strict ecological safety bottom line, the red line and power lines, improve the ecological comprehensive compensation mechanism, to protect the snow-covered plateau.
Li Keqiang stressed the need to further increase the central government’s efforts to support the development of Tibet, to enrich and improve the special preferential policies, continue to “stay the whole income, increasing subsidies, special support” of tax incentives. Increased central investment, strengthen financial support to strengthen counterpart support. Tibetan areas in four provinces to increase central government policy to support efforts to coordinate development of Tibet and Tibetan areas in four provinces coordinated development, coordinate development of Tibetan areas in four provinces and the coordinated development of the province to co-ordinate the border region to resolve the outstanding issues. Efforts to solve the economic and social development bottleneck effectively maintain social harmony and stability, and work together to Tibet and Tibetan areas in four provinces to build a better.
Who can attend on Work in Tibet
And previous Work in Tibet,GW2 Gold as this forum is very high specification, seven Politburo Standing Committee were present.
Tibet Autonomous Region, the National Development and Reform Commission, Shandong Province responsible comrades at the meeting made a statement.
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Farm Gill in FFXIV with Most Effective Methods

Pursuing a few quests will enable you to earn points for leveling up and scanty Gil. By then, you would realize that you have outgrown your gear. To earn more gil, you need to have a job. The best job to apply is fishing as you can just sit idly on one spot for a few hours until you caught fish, which you will sell for ffxiv Gil to a non-playing character. You can also cook the fish and eat.

To start fishing, you need a fishing pole which can be obtained from the Fisherman’s Guild located on the south of the ffxiv gil city on its first level. After the fishing pole, you will also have to acquire some bait. Secure yourself with lugworms and go straight to the docks just outside the Fisherman’s Guild. Use the fishing pole as your main weapon and slug worms for your pack slots.

The massive game resembles much of the real life. At first, you may not be adept at fishing. But over time, you will hone your skills and catch different types of fish easily. As you cast your fishing pole into the ocean for the first time, you would notice a depth meter, which indicates the type of fish you would likely to catch. The best catch to have is the clams as they sell with the highest price. Clams can be caught at the bottom of the ocean, hence, your fishing rod should reach that far. Fish can be caught in the middle of the ocean, while kelps are on top of it. However, depth meter is not absolute as you could catch any type of fish at any part of the ocean. Still, it is worth a try.After the depth meter, it is time to learn the jig system. After you cast your line into buy ffxiv gil the ocean and you feel that something bites, you have to jig the line. The jig system works like a ‘hot and cold’ system; you have to monitor your text box to ascertain whether you are getting cold or hot.

Upon reading a statement like “you are taking in line”, you need to cast the jig meter back on the same spot or nearby. If you read the statement “the fish is taking line”, this means that you should transfer your jig meter to another position. In your first attempt, do not be disappointed if you get one or two jigs. This is normal for beginners. You get more jigs and catch more fish as you spend more time fishing.

The best areas to fish are the hot spots, which are indicated by an animation of fluttering light seen at the end of the fishing rod. This means that your patience will soon pay off. You can stop the jig meter on your first time with a J or G keys, and navigate yourself to a good catch.

Though you may earn Gil from fishing, mining or hunting, the amount may not be as fulfilling as the one you will receive when you complete your quests. These jobs are only good for part time, they should not be treated as a career in the game.

Switching Races and Gear
Now that you have Final Fantasy Gil, you may want to treat yourself with new gear in preparation for the adventures that lay before you. Most of the shops in Limsa Lominsa are located on the first level. You can reach the area by taking the elevator. Go straight on your left as soon as you exit the elevator. Continue treading until you see several shops. This is the East Hawker’s Alley or West Hawker’s Alley. This is where you can shop for weapons of different classes. In final fantasy XIV you can switch your character and your job instantly by equipping yourself with a particular gear and weapon that belongs to a particular class or character. If you are playing a Conjurer and you want to switch to a Gladiator, you can just purchase a sword, and you become the character.

Being able to switch on to another character does not oblige you to do so. It is just your privilege. If you play as a magic user, and you want to deal a direct damage, you have to remember that you have spent all your attribute points in non-strength approaches. Eventually, you would find this boring and plan on creating a new character. If you have to, choose the character that is best suited for dealing final fantasy 14 gil direct damages.

It is also here when all players converge to sell and buy goods that they have found during their quests and adventure. For now, most of what you need can be found from other players. The makers of final fantasy XIV promised that there will be an auction house soon. Until then, try negotiating with some players about your needs. So, there goes everything you need to know about the crucial first 10 hours of your game. If you think you missed out on something, find your way through the guide here. Remember that what matters most is that you should be having a good time playing the final fantasy XIV Gil.